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17 Signs You Are a Yogi Mother

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It is no great secret that being a mom is tough. It is likely the most rewarding job in any mother’s life, but this job comes with both ups and downs.

The practice of yoga (if you can find the time for it!) will certainly help you through the highs and lows of motherhood. Here are 17 sure signs that you are a yogi mother:

1. You’ve learned how to laugh at yourself and stop taking everything so seriously.

kino funny

2. You long for the days when Child’s Pose was an option and wish that you took that rest more often.

cow pose child's pose

3. Your dog wants to Down Dog with you (Hey! Pet mothers count too!)

funny dog yoga

4. And your cat is always mocking your practice (or lack thereof!)

cat yoga

5. You’re used to being outshined by cuter things.

cat interrupting yoga

6. Doctors appointments mean that you get a minute to stretch.

seated twist

7. Or kids time at the playground = your yoga time in the park

8. The best practice hours you get in are when you’re sitting at your desk at work.

Credit: The Blissery Credit: The Blissery

9. Your kids watch you with wonder

kid watching yoga

10. And, of course, they want to join in on all the fun!

11. So, you’ve learned to turn your practice into a “show” of sorts

yoga class butts

12. And do all the funniest moves

lion pose

13. Then your kids draw you pictures like

yoga stick drawing Credit: Surya Jayaram

14. You have super human strength from giving birth, carrying kids and sleepless nights

chaturanga to handstand Credit: TumblrGymYoga

15. Slumber parties at friends’ houses have you and your husband like

16. Directly followed by…

17. But it’s all worth it when you get to do Happy Baby with your happy little baby πŸ™‚

Credit: Perez Hilton Credit: Perez Hilton

Happy practicing, mamas!


Photo credit Aneta Gäb

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