14 Adorable Images Of Mom and Baby Doing Yoga

Yes, there's the get-back-in-shape aspect to mom and baby yoga, but yoga with your little one is much more than a fitness class or a few minutes working your abs on a yoga mat. Bond with your baby, spend quality time together, learn to cope with frustrations and interruptions, and celebrate this momentous life change in the best possible way – yoga together.

1. When Mommy’s Happy, Baby’s Happy

Credit: Glowmother

2. Particularly When The Two Of You Fit Together So Well

Credit: Halifaxyoga

3. This Mom Understands The Benefits Of Extra Resistance

Credit: Dangerouslyfit

4. While This Munchkin Spotted Something More Interesting Right Over There

Credit: Mombabyyoga

5. Sometimes The Best Practice Is The Least Active

Credit: Littleaustinite

6. This Moment One Baby Made A Lifelong Yogi Friend

Credit: Mombabyyoga

7. This Moment of Deep Relaxation

Credit: Omnamocenter

8. And This Circle Of Mini Yogis Doing Their Own Thing

Credit: Pinterest Credit: Pinterest

9. She’s a Natural! Who Needs an Instructor When You Can Take Tips From Your Baby?

Credit: Theboers Credit: Theboers

10. If It’s Good Enough For Gisele Bundchen and Baby Vivian…..

Credit: Abcnewsgo

11. It’s Good Enough For You And Mini-You

Credit: Thestudiolaketahoe Credit: Thestudiolaketahoe

12. Happy Baby Pose!

Credit: Yogajournal Credit: Yogajournal

13. Just Don’t Get Discouraged When Your Mommy Yoga Time Ends Up Like This

Credit: Oxygenpilates

14. Or This

Credit: Thehoopla Credit: Thehoopla

So, what are you waiting for? Pick those stray bits of play-doh from your yoga mat, exhale as you bend over from the waist, remove the littlest one’s fingers from your hair, step back into a lunge and hold – for as long as you can manage while your baby and toddler are using your legs as a jungle gym. No one said it was easy practicing yoga with a young family but the benefits are priceless. Namaste!

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