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12 Things You Should Know About Dating a Yoga Teacher

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Depending on your familiarity with yoga, the thought of dating a yoga teacher could either terrify or intrigue you. There are so many hilarious misconceptions out there about what it means to be a yoga teacher, thanks to social media.

While some of us do meditate every day, drink loads of green smoothies, and celebrate each full moon, dating a yoga teacher doesn’t necessarily mean that your apartment will turn into an ashram.

That being said, we are a different breed with some ideas of normal that can differ from the general public. So here are some things you should know before you enter a relationship with a yoga teacher.

1. Your Nose Will be Very Happy

Yogis are all about creating a peaceful atmosphere, so our homes are filled with essential oils, palo santo, candles, and incense.

2. Your Belly Will be Very Happy

A big part of living the yoga lifestyle is about having a healthy mind and body. It’s rare to find a yoga teacher who stocks their kitchen with (nothing but) junk food. Instead, you’ll find mason jars full of grains, refrigerators full of greens, and a jug of kumbucha brewing in the bathtub.

While you might not jump for joy at first, once your yogi starts cooking for you, you just might be surprised at how good kale can taste.

3. You’re Going to Learn Some New Words

If it feels like yogis are speaking a different language, it’s because we are. Beyond the Sanskrit words for yoga poses, yogis have a unique way of speaking to each other. You’ll get schooled on chakras, reiki, Ayurveda, and Ujjayi breathing.

4. You’ll Learn to Enter the Home Quietly

If you are used to barging into your home with a loud “honey I’m home,” you might need to change your ways. There is a good chance that your yogi is meditating, hanging out in Savasana, or otherwise occupied in deep thought when they’re home alone, so you better learn to open doors silently.

5. You’re Going to Have to Get Deep

If you’re someone who isn’t willing to bare their soul, you might not mix well with a yogi. As yogis were constantly “working through stuff” and will probably want to share these revelations with our partners. So, if you’re uncomfortable with emotions or tears, this is not the relationship for you.

6. We’re Not Zen All the Time.

Although it’s our job to help people find their zen, we’re not robots. There will be days when we get angry in traffic, or have an argument with a coworker. Don’t expect life to be all rainbows and butterflies.

7. We Might be Flexible, But We Know What We Want.

Taking part in a yoga teacher training is a life-altering experience. There’s so much self-discovery that takes place and changes the way that we experience life and relationships.

While a yogi might be bendy in their practice and in the social relationships they form, he or she probably has some strong feelings about what a partner should be like that they will not compromise on.

8. Nights Out are Going to Look a Little Different

Don’t get me wrong, I know plenty of yogis who still like to go out and have a good time. But I also know a lot of yogis who like to be in bed at 9 or 10pm every night after a nice cup of ginger tea. As someone who falls into the latter category, dating someone who likes to stay out until the early hours of the morning could be a tough one.

9. Gift Giving Might Get Even More Intimidating

It’s hard to find the perfect Christmas or birthday gift for a new partner. With yogis, the plot thickens. We probably don’t want jewelry (unless it’s made of natural materials) or chocolate (unless it’s organic dark chocolate). We’d be stoked to get a new singing bowl, that really expensive chakra blend essential oil, succulents, or a yoga studio membership.

10. We’re Not Judging You But…

…We are very passionate about healthy lifestyles, so using plastic shopping bags, drinking soda, or littering will make us cringe.

11. Get Used to the Phrase “What are you doing?”

Many of us start our days with oil pulling, tongue scraping, and dry brushing. We chant, we stand on our heads, put crystals out in the moonlight. We do a lot of things that you might not be used to seeing, but we have really great reasons for doing them, just ask!

12. We’re Awesome.

This is totally subjective, but I’ve met VERY few yoga teachers that I didn’t like. These are a group of people who are completely dedicated to being happy and making other people feel happy. They are in touch with their feelings, emotions, and needs. They want to make the world a better place and have so much love to give.

If you’re ready for a meaningful, quirky, and healthy, relationship, you might be the perfect match for a yoga teacher!

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