10 Ways Yoga Made Me A Better Mom

Being a mom can seem like the hardest job on the planet. Motherhood is mind-blowing, humbling, hysterical, and often terrifying. Yoga is probably the last on your to-do list when you’ve got kids but, trust me, it should be the first.

It wasn’t until I became a parent that I truly realized how yoga helps ground me and keep me sane. Are you a yogi mama? Can you identify with these inspiring lessons?

1. Yoga Taught Me To Trust Myself – I’m Doing The Best I Can For My Family

Credit: Laura Sykora on Instagram Credit: Laura Sykora on Instagram

2. I Learnt How To Be Soft At Times And Strong At Others

Credit: Kimberly Barlow Credit: Kimberly Barlow

3. And That Listening Really Is A Skill – Yoga Helps Me To Not Tune-Out

Credit: MommyKnows Credit: MommyKnows

4. I Discovered How To Stay Open When Things Get Tough

Credit: Mountain Girl Power Yoga Credit: Mountain Girl Power Yoga

5. Patience, Patience, Patience…

Credit: SheKnows Credit: SheKnows

6. And How To Be Less Reactive And More Responsive (Most Of The Time)

Credit: Diets In Review Credit: Diets In Review

7. I found Out How To Be In The Moment To Find The Humor And The Love (Even When You’re Covered In Spit-Up Or Drowning In Lego)

Credit: iVillage Credit: iVillage

8. Practicing Yoga Together Is Perfect Bonding Time

Credit: The Mom In Me Credit: The Mom In Me

9. This Too Shall Pass… The Bad Times Don’t Last Forever, Just Like The Toughest Poses

Credit: Breaking Muscle Credit: Breaking Muscle

10. And, Finally, You Don’t Have To Be Perfect. Just Show Up To The Mat

Credit: Alive In The Fire Credit: Alive In The Fire

You may not find the time, as a mom, to spend 90 minutes on the mat, six days a week. But you can be sure that when you do get to practice, you are truly grateful. Yoga helps make motherhood a little less like a battlefield and a lot more like a blessing.

Image credit: The Mom In Me
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