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10 Things Every Morning Person Can Relate To

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The circadian rhythm, or the body’s internal clock, is normally defined as a 24-hour period that dictates our body's sleep-wake cycle. Our body clocks can be affected by environmental cues, like sunlight and temperature, or situational events, like red-eye flights or irregular sleep schedules.

Researchers have examined variations in length of circadian rhythms. Classified night “owls” may want to say up late and have trouble waking in the morning because their circadian rhythms are slightly longer than 24 hours. Conversely, morning “larks” find it naturally easier to rise and get moving because their circadian rhythm runs slightly shorter than 24 hours.

While circadian rhythms may be a contributing factor in being a morning or night person, these 10 things are relatable to all morning yogis!

1. Waking Up at the Same Time Everyday

Regardless of what time you went to bed, you are waking up before the rooster crows. You might want to sleep an extra hour or two, but your body is so good at being awake before the sun. Surprisingly, you are likely to feel great even when you only slept a few hours. However, you will likely be sleepy before sundown if you did not get enough shut eye the night before.

2. Feeling Healthy and Happy

Lucky for you, being a morning person is associated with positive emotions and a lower risk of being stressed, depressed and obese. Some studies even link waking up early with a lower body mass index, potentially since many morning people also work out in the early hours, and are thus less likely to skip a workout.

3. Setting Intentions and Seeing Results

Being a morning person, you likely set your intentions for the day early. Even before your feet reach the earth, it can be rewarding for you to set an intention or repeat a mantra to start your day.

Plus, your brain is already firing and ready to go so it's easier to set an intention as well as be efficient, organized, and goal-oriented to start seeing results on your intentions.

4. Truly Saluting the Sun

You understand what it means to salute the sun in Surya Namaskar, or Sun Salutations. Wide awake and ready to go, you prepare to practice by facing the east to greet the rising sun. The sun rays ignite that inner fire and cultivate your passion for the study of yoga and tasks ahead.

5. Making an AMAZING Breakfast to Fuel the Day

You understand the importance of eating a good breakfast to fuel your day. While it may be cereal and milk, you also have time to cook pancakes and waffles whenever you want to treat yourself.

6. Enjoying the Flavor of Tea and Coffee

The first cup of tea and coffee can be leisurely enjoyed for the flavor and not mindlessly consumed just for the caffeine. However, you also know that you cannot drink evening tea or coffee after a certain point or you might need to pee all night, which negatively impact your awesome sleep groove.

7. Being Productive, Like a Boss

Being able to set aside time to respond to all your emails without having a million new ones fill your inbox is one of the joys of being a morning person. You can get over the hassle of emails or enjoy blogging while everyone else is asleep and the world is quiet, except the humming of nature.

Plus, the prefrontal cortex of the brain is most active right after waking up, having less distractions and energy drains helps keep willpower and productivity high for morning peeps.

8. Experiencing No Lines or Congestion in Your Way

Whether you go to the gym, get the freshest donut, have an early commute, or enjoy walking outside in nature, being a morning person awards you the luxury of not having to weave around people on your journey. You get the space you want to explore and travel.

9. Rewarding Yourself With Morning Self-Care

Carving out space in the morning to take care of yourself, you have time to create a routine and get stuff done, as well as create space just for you! Much energy is spent outwardly, so actually having time AND being able to spend it on reflecting internally, to read, journal, blog, or meditate is one of the simplest joys and a great way to nourish yourself in the morning.

10. Protecting Your Sleep Schedule

You likely have a morning and night routine. While you might sleep more soundly, nap less, and wake up more refreshed than your night owl friends, you also know that your night time sleep routine is important for this process. You protect your sleep time and value getting to bed early.

Night owls, thinking about switching up your routine? Any of these things feel like something you would want in your life? While there are biological factors associated with circadian rhythms, people can make the shift with conscious and intentional changes to their sleep and wake routines.

Morning people of the world, I hope you enjoyed reading this article before the sun rose and that you are having an amazingly productive day! Morning larks, want to add anything else you notice about being a morning person? Comment below!

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