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10 Signs Yoga Has Infiltrated Your Life

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As you most likely are aware, asana practice can be fully confined to your mat. It is possible to practice asana a few times a week, without really letting it affect the way you live the rest of your life. That being said, when you start to practice on a regular basis, it is very possible that the journey of yoga will start to seep into your every day activities.

Here are 10 signs that yoga has transitioned from something you do while on your mat, to something that guides your every day:

1. You Have Swapped Late Night Drinks For Early Morning Practice

You now second guess going out for that night cap, or staying up to watch one more episode of Netflix. The thought of a groggy practice is enough to motivate you to get to bed on time.

2. You Bow When You Say Thank You

Now when someone hands you your coffee at the coffee shop, or packs your groceries for you at the store, you give a little nod with your hands in prayer as you say thank you. Sometimes you even say Namaste.

3. You Close Your Eyes And Take Deep Breaths At Stop Lights

There are so many opportunities to tune in with your breath during your day that you never noticed before! Why get stressed in line at the store, or in traffic? Being calm and breathing deeply is so much nicer.

4. You Pause Before Answering Requests

You are learning the art of checking in with your intuition before you answer someone. You would much rather say no when you mean no, than say yes then have to go back and say no later.

5. You Choose Foods Based On How You Feel In Practice After Eating Them

French fries taste awesome, but they feel like a brick in your gut on the mat. So in the end, you go for the veggie burger and salad instead.

6. Yoga Pants Are Acceptable Attire At Almost All Times

At home? Check. At the grocery store? Check. Running errands? Check. Picking the kids up from school? Check. Out for a dinner date? Check(?). There is really no reason to feel restricted in your clothes – especially since yoga pants can be such high quality. In fact, your most expensive items of clothing are your yoga pants, so why not wear them all the time?

7. You Are Noticing Your Mental Patterns

Instead of feeling like you are a slave to your thoughts, you are starting to notice that they are pretty predictable and cyclical. You can only change that which you recognize!

8. You Are Focusing More On Effective Communication

You feel the importance of being heard, and of hearing, now more than ever. Why bother playing mind games, wondering what someone meant when you can just ask them?

9. You Listen When People Speak To You More

You are no longer distracted and thinking of a million other things when someone is speaking to you. You are present. There. Aware. Listening. And it feels good.

10. You Pause And Feel Grateful Several Times A Day

Life is awesome. You knew life was awesome before, but now it is just so much more vibrant. Slowing down to smell the flowers feels natural to you. Life is sweet.

What do you think? Has yoga taken over your life?

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