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10 Reasons Yoga and Meditation Will Ruin Your Social Life

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Yoga and meditation will transform your life, that’s for sure. These practices will change the way you relate to your body, the way you relate to your job, your strategies for dealing with stress, and even how you view the world in general.

What’s not often talked about, though, is how yoga and meditation will ruin your social life. So before you jump into asana, take a moment to consider if you’re really ready for the shift in your friendships that will most likely ensue.

1. Spending time with friends takes on a whole new meaning.

Want to go out for drinks? Yes, sure! Only if by drinks you mean kombucha and herbal tea, and if by out you mean Whole Foods or a cute coffee shop before 8 P.M.

2. The bar and club scene feel different too.

It’s totally appropriate to wear your yoga pants, bandeau bra, and mala beads to the club, right? Because that is essentially all you have to wear. Oh! And your infinity scarf.

3. You’ve become more introspective and contemplative.

This makes you feel awesome, but your friends think you have gone a little ‘emo.’

4. First date at a fancy restaurant? Meh, you’re kinda over it.

How about we go to the kirtan that’s happening tonight and then do a full moon meditation together?

5. Friends have juicy gossip? Well, you’re not the one they’re going to be sharing it with anymore.

You used to be the queen bee of gossip. You knew everything about everyone. You still know everything about everyone, but you’re just far less inclined to share it. Which makes you, well, kinda boring.

6. Restaurants are a trip.

Your friends are getting a little tired of you taking 10 minutes to place your order because you have to ask for gluten-free, dairy-free, free range, grass-fed, humanely raised, organic everything. How could one salad evoke so many questions and demands?

7. You now miss all the late night fun.

Staying out all night living it up with your friends used to be your idea of fun. Now, doing so will just ruin your morning asana routine.

8. No more drama.

Along with giving up gossip, you also have much less drama in your life, and care a whole lot less about the drama in others’ lives. You may even offer insightful tips and tricks to your friends when they come to you with their drama. And who wants that?

Drama is only fun when you play along, and your lack of participation is pretty annoying.

9. Deep conversations with genuine connection are the new Facebook for you.

Small talk is no longer your bag baby. You want to really dig in and connect with your friends now, which can feel a little claustrophobic and weird for your friends who’ve been used to talking to you about Kim Kardashian and the water cooler gossip.

10. You’re all bright and shiny now.

You used to have edge. You used to be a little dark, a little dangerous. Now you just glow. For your friends, being in your light all the time just seems to bring up all their ‘stuff,’ and they don’t like it. Not one bit.


I hope you can sense the humor in this article. The truth is, it’s possible that none of these things will occur in your life when you take up yoga and meditation, and there’s no right or wrong way to be a yogi or yogini.

Yoga can help to connect you to your heart and the depths of your being, and this may have a profound and positive effect on your relationships. Just remember you always have a choice of how to be in the world—yoga and meditation may just broaden your perspective and open you up to new options.

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