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10 Breathtaking Yoga Photos on Instagram

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There's a reason why hashtags like #yogaphotography and #yogaeverydamnday are so popular. Photos of fun, fearless yogis doing amazing things in beautiful places aren't just entertaining: they can be pretty motivating, too!

Instagram is a treasure trove of yoga photography, with yogis from all over the world documenting their journeys through photos and clips. Since it can be pretty tiring to scroll through everything, here's something to get you started.

We've collected 10 breathtaking yoga photos that we hope will inspire you to get on the mat, get moving, and go beyond your comfort zone.

1. @chintwins

A photo posted by Kimmy & Crissy (@chintwins) on

Symmetry: twins Kimmy and Chrissy Chin of perform the Lord of the Dancer pose  

2. @maxandlizacro


Nobody puts baby in the corner! Here's Max and Liz performing acroyoga at the Santa Monica Pier.


3. @moderntarzan

Nicholas and Cesar: just a couple of guys talking about gravity.    

4. @wearejared


A photo posted by Jared McCann (@wearejared) on

Jared McCann takes the scorpion pose to dizzying heights .


5. @dade2shelby

We "heart" this gorgeous three-person pose by DJ Townsel and friends.    

6. @melaniethue


Melanie Thüringer is on top of the world as she performs a handstand on a rope bridge.


7. @mariebellpr

Marie Belle and Daniel Rama go with the flow at Webster Falls in Ontario, Canada.    

8. @pocketdwarf


A photo posted by Melissa Lee (@pocketdwarf) on

Melissa Lee's asanas make sparks fly.


9. @bridgeclimb

BridgeClimb Sydney getting bendy on the Sydney Harbour Bridge in honor of World Yoga Day 2016.    

10. @kathy0805


A photo posted by @kathy0805 on

Kathy proves that yes, you can surf, do yoga, and appreciate the scenery all at the same time.

The photographer Marc Riboud once said, "Taking pictures is savoring life intensely, every hundredth of a second." Do you agree? Sound off in the comments!

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