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Zen and the Art of Socializing Presented by TY KU Sake

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Ever since I started practicing yoga, I've been striving to be a stellar example of what a yogi should be.

I've tried all sorts of things that are supposed to make you this superhuman, angelic kind of yogi with varying results: going vegetarian (extremely well), meditating (sometimes it works, and sometimes not), cutting out caffeine (hahaha, don't make me laugh), and cutting out alcohol (also a no).

I've learned that I need balance in my life between my yoga personality and my “normal” human life.

Being My Normal Self vs. Being Yogic

For a while, I had a lot of trouble reconciling my cocktail-enjoying self with my yogic self.

I would go out with friends on a Friday night, and they would ask "Hey, but aren't you a yoga teacher?" after I ordered my second beer. Yes, I am, but my love of yoga and beer have never been mutually exclusive.

Here's the thing. You don't have to fit into other people’s idea of a “perfect” yogi. Sit down and enjoy that post-work/post-yoga drink if you feel like it because you're definitely not alone. 75% of yogis are with you, enjoying their post-yoga drinks as well. It’s all about balance and moderation, and having a drink after class to slow down and relax won’t misalign your chakras.

Zen and the Art of Socializing

Being "yogic" and unwinding with an adult, alcoholic beverage aren't mutually exclusive. You see, there's this thing that we like to call "Après Yoga”.

Here's what it is: Be social. Be social after your yoga class with your friends from the studio, the gym, or wherever it is you take your practice. Go out to your favorite watering hole together, and don't feel bad about it.

Now if beer doesn’t really speak to you, and neither does wine, you have a great option available to you to make you feel more yogic and it’s (drumroll…) SAKE.

Good, quality sake, like TY KU's, is an awesome substitute for wine or beer if you want to unwind without undoing your practice.

Why Sake?

Sake is brewed in a way similar to beer, but is consumed more like white wine. So if you think about it, you have the best of both worlds right there.

But here's where it gets really good. Since sake is gluten-free, organic, preservative-free, and completely natural (only 4 ingredients), you can feel especially good about your choice of après yoga (aka after yoga) beverage.

This is perfect if you're sensitive to gluten or tannins, or wine and beer just don't agree with you, but you don't want to drink hard liquors. Now you’re no longer limited to wine, because sake just rolled in to give you another option.

Why Sake and Yoga Go Together

You know how yoga helps us to look inside ourselves and find what's best so that we can spread that wonderfulness around? Sake is all about that, too!

Yoga and sake both have long and storied histories. They're both full of tradition and mindfulness. They're about sharing yourself and your goodness with the world around you.

Here are more fun facts about sake (in case you needed a little more convincing):

  • Head sake brewers, called Tojis, often meditate in the fields of rice in order to connect with their product in a spiritual, mindful way. The ritual involved with drinking sake is also all about sharing, being present with each other, and enjoying one another's company.
  • Sake is traditionally served in small cups to get the drinkers to connect. Ever wonder why it comes in those tiny cups (which I found out the hard way are not shot glasses)? It's so that you can fill one another's cups, and by doing so, connect, show gratitude, and increase happiness. So when you think about it, yoga and sake really go hand in hand.

When you're finished with your practice today, dear yogi, step off your mat and find a new way to practice mindfulness. Round up the gang, get your après yoga on, and spend time with them. Practice your Zen AND your Art of Socializing. And make sure to share with us in the comments or on Twitter!

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