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Your Top 4 Yoga and Sex Questions Answered

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Yoga is all about the mind and body connection. Sex is one of the greatest mind and body experiences, so it makes perfect sense that the two can work wonders together. Here are four of the biggest questions regarding yoga and sex, answered in full detail.

1. How exactly does yoga lead to better orgasms?

Orgasm is the involvement of the total body: mind, body, soul, all together…It is like a madness…It is like meditation. ~Osho

Yoga tones up our bodies, increases our flexibility, reduces our stress levels, increases our energy, and empowers us by helping us build a healthy body image and oodles of self-esteem. It allows us to bring our awareness to the present moment and helps fire up our libido and sex life!

Many of the fabulous yoga poses we practice on a daily basis actually open up and increase the blood flow to the pelvis, (think Eagle, Bridge, and Wide-Legged Forward Fold) and tighten our sexual core organs (more on this later…), all of which play an important role in reaching orgasm.

Yoga also allows us to become more comfortable in vulnerable positions, opening us up for increased levels of physical intimacy with our nearest and dearest.

Through teaching you the practice of mindfulness, yoga helps you develop not only an awareness of the moment, but also an awareness of your body, guiding you to savor every single sensation in your body—including the really delicious ones that happen during sex and foreplay.

It is no coincidence that the phrase “mind-blowing” is often associated with sex. To reach mind-blowing sex, you have to engage in mindful sex—after all, busy brains don’t belong in the bedroom!

2. What is Tantric yoga really about?

When most people hear the term Tantric yoga, they instantly think about sex and kinky sexual rituals. Actually, for many yogis, Tantric yoga is a beautiful practice that can be used to expand the connection and awareness between a couple, creating a deeper, more spiritual bond with each other.

At the heart of most schools of Tantra yoga is the idea of awakening one’s kundalini, thought to be a feminine, dynamic energy in the form of a serpent lying dormant at the base of our spines.

Many of the ancient Tantric practices focused on bringing that dormant energy to life by moving it upward, through the seven chakras of our fabulous bodies. However, yogis today focus less on a full kundalini awakening, instead concentrating on bringing the subtle body into a state of balance.

Tantra views the body as a manifestation of spirit. By making the body pure and strong through asana and by uniting the universe of opposites within your body, it can become a vehicle for ending suffering and attaining liberation.

Many “left-handed” schools using ritual sexual practices have led many to equate Tantra with sex, when the reality is that Tantra’s attitude to sex falls in line with its main philosophy—that every aspect of life, including sex, is a gateway to the universal if done in a healthy way with the right intention.

By thinking of sex as having a moment-by-moment response to energy, with the intention of uniting opposite energies to find balance, it becomes something joyful and about unity.

A Hatha yoga practice helps yogis develop awareness of the subtle body and balance the body’s energy. Instead of trying to control the body, you are simply trying to align it to the bigger flow of the universe in order to reach an experience of bliss.

3. What is my sacral chakra and why is it associated with sex?

The sacral chakra is the chakra of sensuality, pleasure, emotions, intimacy, desire, and sexuality. It defines how we connect with others, how we choose our relationships and partnerships, what they mean to us, how we respond to others, and what motivates us.

Located in your lower abdomen about one to two inches below your navel, this chakra is directly linked with the hips, lower back, genitals, and womb.

I’m sure you’ve heard your yoga teacher tell you that we store our emotions in our bodies, that memories, anxieties, and tension linger on in cells stored deep in our tissues.

Introducing a regular practice of hip opening poses is a perfect way to work toward clearing the negative energy and keeping the positive energy flowing through our sacral chakra, resulting in fabulously delicious relationships with our partners, and a blossoming and healthy sex life!

Fabulous poses to balance our sacral chakra include Double Pigeon, Straddle, Pigeon, and Frog Pose.

4. What is the Mula Banda and how is it linked to better orgasms?

Another all important and crucial aspect of yoga involves engaging and drawing up the muscles of the pelvic floor (the Mula Bandha), which strengthens the muscles that play an integral role in our fabulous orgasms!

Mula Bandha is the Sanskrit term for the “root lock” and is located in the pelvic floor area. Root locks can be incorporated into almost every yoga pose.

The pubococcygeus or PC muscle, found deep within the pelvis and connected to the genitals, helps control the strength of blood flow to this area. Where the blood flows, the energy follows, so an engaged Mula Bandha leads to stronger pelvic floor muscles

A strong pelvic floor ultimately leads to kickass times between the sheets with your partner.

For the female yogi: Toning your PC muscle can intensify your orgasm and give you newfound strength where you can literally grip your man down there, giving him an out of this world experience too.

For the male yogi: Mula Bandha engagement helps with the problem of premature ejaculation by increasing muscular control of the pelvis. A strong pelvic floor also allows some men to achieve a form of orgasm without ejaculation, letting them reach multiple ‘climaxes’ during sexual activity.

Mastering Mula Bandha induces mind-blowing sex and that special connection with your partner.

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