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When your brain doesn’t work, your body is floppy and lazy and there’s a list full of potential tasks looming over. When you’re overwhelmed and underpaid and when you know it’s time to get your buns in gear. When you’ve missed a deadline and are in danger of missing another…

Do Nothing

Yeah, I said it. Do nothing. Eff it all. Sprawl on the ground, stare at the ceiling and do a heap-ton of butt-all. I know this kind of reeks of bad advice, but it’s a huge saving grace in my life so hear me out.

Nothingness. It gets the worst rep, doesn’t it? Doing nothing is equated with laziness, non-productivity, and a whole pile of lacklustre adjectives that I’m going to skip listing.

But I reckon (and so do thousands of years of yogis who be backin’ me up here) that nothingness is actually the most expansive space of all. Think of it this way: Your life is a clear blue sky. It’s full of hope and boundlessness and space. Everything that you’re doing – the to-do lists, the tasks, the plans – well…they’re all clouds. Don’t get me wrong, clouds can be awesome. They can be tethered to vibrant rainbows and pots of gold, but nevertheless – they’re still clouds.

Let's Go With The Cloud Analogy For One More Moment…

When you do nothing, when your mind is clear and your calendar is wide open, there’s all this room for possibility. The blue sky that is your life stretches wide open before you and you gain perspective, room for exploration, and some much needed breathing space.

So when it all gets overwhelming and when it feels like you need to run a thousand miles an hour to get it all done, why not try the exact opposite: Do nothing. Take some time to stare at the ceiling and breathe deeply. Don’t even turn on YouTube to be entertained by goats that scream like humans. Just. do. nothing.

I’m willing to wager that this space of nothingness will charge your batteries like no coffee-wrapped-green-smoothie-back-bend ever will.

We all do way too much, all the time, everyday. It can be kind of exhausting, am I right? So instead, just boycott everything and be a proponent for nothingness (even if just for ten minutes). Find freedom in the experience of letting go and lying low because you totally deserve it.

I’ll be awarding bonus points to those of you who can stay awake but still manage to drool just a little.

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