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Yogi Secrets: Where to Find Cheap Yoga Pants

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Yoga doesn't have to be an expensive activity. While the best quality equipment and yoga clothing are definitely hard on the wallet, there are many ways to get around these and get by without making too deep of an impact on your budget. If you're money smart enough, you can definitely find decent yoga clothes for more than half the price.

Where to Begin

First of all, scour the department stores! You'll be surprised how well generic brands can hold up in the ashram. This is especially recommended for beginners, who might not want to invest in the very expensive pants right away. For a trial at least, a good pair of leggings or jazz pants are good and affordable enough for your first few yoga sessions. And you never know, you just might luck out and that department store brand cheap yoga pants could become your most reliable and dependable pair in the long run.

A Word of Caution

However, there is a reason why a good pair of cheap yoga pants is hard to find. You will probably have to go through a period of trial and error before you find a pair that is reliable enough, that doesn't rip or tear during those long lunges or develop runs during those deep bends, which can definitely be embarrassing in the middle of a class. It is probably best to look for yoga clothing in a dark color, preferably black. Something that is often overlooked even when wearing the more quality yoga clothing is your innerwear. Believe it or not, sometimes a good pair of underwear is even more important than the yoga clothing you wear over it. It can honestly make or break your practice, so make sure they provide enough comfort and coverage as well. Especially when you shop for cheap yoga pants, the fabric of which can be a bit thinner and flimsier, a good pair of panties in a solid color is highly recommended.

Simply put, it is important that your yoga clothing, no matter how cheap or pricey, can withhold the amount of use you'll be putting into it as you get more and more into yoga. Since you'll be buying cheap yoga pants anyway, it is advisable to look into looking at quantity more, so you can at least put them in rotation and they'll wear less quickly. Either way, these bottoms can be used for more than just yoga, so you'll be getting a lot of bang for your buck.

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