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9 Highly Practical Yogi Holiday Stress Relief Tips

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The holidays are here, my favorite time of the year. They usually come with all kinds of goodies. Unfortunately, one of these goodies can be stress. Here are some additional ways to de-stressing aside from your asana practice.

Get hot!

Take a steam or sauna to get a sweat going and your heart moving in a really relaxing way. Heat is heart warming and a joy to the soul.

Grab a quickie.

Get a massage even if it's not the full spa shebang, a little TLC on your neck and shoulders can do wonders for your posture.

Get your nails done.

Aside from how pretty your pedi looks on the mat, the human caring touch is better than checking your text messages.

Drink up!

Herbal tea is soothing and hydrating any time of the day.

Get outside.

Even if it's cold out, bundle up and take a deep breath of fresh air. Connecting with nature brings inner peace, so go say hi to MN– she's always there for you to breath in.

Shift your focus on the fun.

Rather than focusing on food and the plethora of holiday treats, enjoy what the holidays are actually about: spending time with people who you love. Decorate, create, play games etc.

Be present.

Give yourself the gift of enjoying the season minus the love handles. Be aware and conscious of your portions sizes so that you can enjoy a little bit of everything without regrets.

Slow down.

Take a breath or two, it's the perfect all time de-stressor, try 5 minutes of conscious breathing.

Put your feet up.

Literally lay down with your feet up the wall to decompress everything after a long day.

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