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Yoga Was My Gateway Drug to Holistic Medicine (With Video)

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There have been many advances in medicine since the days when we would treat a scraped knee by rubbing mercury on it. Yet, despite the innovations of technology in the medical establishment, I am personally more interested in natural approaches to healing, and have investigated a variety of different remedies over the years.

Most of the time I follow the advice of trained professionals, yet sometimes I experiment with my own intuitive calling. Which is how I once found myself snorting cayenne pepper to cure a cold. It turns out I was totally wrong about that one.

Yoga and Holistic Medicine

For me, yoga was my gateway drug into the world of holistic medicine. My practice made me start to question the spiritual meaning behind illness and discomfort. I began to wonder what my higher-self was trying to tell my ego through the language of my body.

It wasn’t just about a pulled hamstring… but a fear of moving forward. I started to believe that every dis-ease was a message for me to face parts of myself I was trying to avoid.

I believe pain is brought into my body as an opportunity for emotional and personal growth. Covering up symptoms with modern medicine won’t help me get to the root of the problem. Yet by working with more natural methods, and meditating on the truth of what is causing my suffering, I can heal.

So when my friend came to visit the other day with a yeast infection, did I drive her to CVS to get some Monistat? NO! I gave her a garlic clove to shove up her twat like a good friend. Then we held a ceremony to get in touch with her vagina, and hear what it was trying to say.

Alternative Healing and Western Medicine

I have met with a whole host of alternative healers to address various ailments. I’ve drank ayahuasca with a shaman, worked with a reiki practitioner who adorned me with crystals, seen a sound therapist, have gotten my chakras adjusted…and so on. Some of these healers were helpful; as for others, I maybe paid $100 an hour for them to watch me nap as they performed a subtle-body realignment.

Because alternative healing isn’t always “vetted” by a specific standard, you may find yourself wondering if someone blowing sage smoke in your face to clear bad energy is actually effective. Yet there are also many risks associated with conventional medicine.

There is nothing side about “side effects” when they actually effect you.

There are plenty of times when “Western” medicine is the right choice, like, say, if there were an ax stuck in your head. For broken bones, acute wounds, surgeries, and anything that needs immediate attention, we are extremely lucky to have access to the care that we do.

Science and medicine does remarkable things that are worthy of praise. There is also great value, however, in investigating alternative methods.

We don’t have to have a dogmatic approach, insisting that there is only one way towards healing — oftentimes combining ancient and modern wisdom is what will have the most powerful impact on helping us find healing.

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