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Yoga To Help You Heal From Breakups

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Break-ups are often the catalyst for the most life changing, fabulous experiences of your world.

I’m quite sure that nearly everyone reading this article can agree from first-hand experience how hideously horrible a breakup can be. Not only that, but also how heart wrenchingly hard it is to get over a breakup. One minute you are in love, in a whirlwind of happiness, and then suddenly you find yourself curled up in a ball with a tear-stained face. A broken heart might just be the most painful injury in the world.

I’m also sure that at least one person has told you “There are plenty more fish in the sea” or “time heals everything.” I’m not here to do that. I am here to help you to pick yourself up, dust yourself off and move forward to live the life you love.

Sometimes things need to really come crashing down around you so that you can watch new fabulous things start to grow from the ground up. With endings come new beginnings, new adventures, and new chapters in your life. All of that free time that you suddenly have on your hands lends itself well to sudden bursts of inspiration, self-reflection and a desire for self-development.

Not in the hopes of winning back the heart of your ex, or making them jealous, or finding someone new, but with a strong desire to be the best version of yourself ever, for you—because you are worth it.

Time And Space To Heal

What better way to reconnect with yourself and find your direction in life than through yoga, whose very meaning is “union”?

Yoga is the perfect compliment to a break-up recovery plan.

Yoga is a practice that helps to keep you in your heart. It is about connecting with yourself, helping you to turn loss into gain, provide you with a valuable space for reflection, a chance to gain some wisdom, mental strength and create a sleeker, stronger, post-breakup body. By creating a strong body and radiating good health, we are manifesting a life filled with happiness and good things.

Yoga also increases self-confidence, self-love and your ability to be present, to live life with passion and energy.

Fabulous Yoga Poses To Help You Heal

This sequence is designed to make you feel whole from the inside out. It will rebuild your confidence and remind you that you are completely in charge of your own happiness. That your heart beats for you, and it can never truly be broken.

Standing poses demand involvement from every single part of the body. As in life, without a steady foundation in these poses, you will never be able to extend to reach your maximum. Standing poses teach you about firm grounding, and only from there can you really begin to grow, to show your true colors and start to reach your full potential! Dream big, and then go follow those dreams!

Balance poses generally highlight our state of mind. It is extremely hard to stay steady in a pose when your mind is racing. In this way, standing balance poses provide you the opportunity to develop a sense of poise and steadiness, clarity, and focus and steadying of the mind. They help you to perfect your mental focus and sense of clarity helping you to move forward positively.

Arm balances Being out of balance within your world is a huge source of stress and can create all kinds of personal problems and self-doubts. Finding your balance in a yoga pose can help you to develop self-sufficiency and give you that much needed confidence boost during times of change. These poses help you to develop both physical and mental strength. Once the mind is calm, so is the body.

Backbends increase determination and will power. Extending backwards into the unknown helps you to confront your fears when life throws you a curveball like a break up. Confront your fears on your yoga mat, show them who is boss.

Allow your body to feel invigorated and exhilarated and allow that to filter through to your mind, increasing your trust in yourself, your journey, and your decisions. Backbends also open the chest, so they are uplifting.

Inversions are calming poses. They allow us to see things from a new angle, gaining some clarity and a new perspective. They also help to quiet the mind and calm the nervous system.

Seated Meditation

Meditation helps us to understand ourselves better by rebooting our systems and attitudes. It promotes a healthy state of mind, and the clarity you will find will help you react differently to personal challenges in your world and better manage stress and anxiety, helping you to find peace.

Sometimes, you just have to pick yourself up and keep moving on. Remember how strong you are. Remember to breathe. Remember how many people love and respect you just the way you are. Smile and choose happiness. Practice gratitude and self-love daily because you are fantastic after all; so don’t forget to take the opportunity to remind yourself of that each day.

You always have the power to tell yourself that this is not how your story will end. Know that around the corner are so many amazing things, so many incredible chances for happiness, adventure and peace and wonderful people waiting to be a part of your fabulous life.

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