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Yoga Socks: Keep Your Feet Snug and Secure

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Yoga is an exercise that is done best when you are barefoot. However, it isn't always possible to go without foot wear, be it due to the weather or the floor you're doing your routine on, or simply because of the way your body is built. If you want to keep your feet and toes warm – not to mention clean – during a round of yoga, then buying a good pair of yoga socks is the right thing to do.

Finding the Right Pair

Yoga socks are basically regular ankle socks, often covered with silicon studs on the sole. Just like with every piece of yoga wear that you plan to buy, the first thing to look for in a pair of socks is comfort. Since it's an exercise that promotes both physical and mental well being, yoga requires a lot of concentration. Your socks should fit your feet perfectly so you don't end up fidgeting around too much because your socks are ill-fitting. It's easier to find the perfect pair if you go to an actual store that sells yoga accessories since you can presumably try on a few pairs before deciding on the one you're going to buy. That's not always an option, though. An online yoga shop is more accessible, but it's important that you check out multiple reviews of a pair before buying them. You wouldn't want to end up with a pair of yoga socks that don't feel comfortable in, after all.

The Best of Both Worlds

Going barefoot keeps you from slipping when you do some particularly tricky stretches, especially if you're doing your routine without a yoga mat. In that same vein, socks made specifically for yoga usually come with a slip-resistant sole that makes use of rubber or other similar synthetic substances to give them better grip. Normal socks don't have that, so don't think about doing yoga while wearing an everyday pair of tube socks. Those will just make you more prone to slipping. There are also a lot of varieties that have little toe sleeves that make them look more like slip-on feet. These can give you more freedom as they feel less intrusive and restricting than normal socks.

You can always take advantage of the benefits of yoga without buying any extra accessories such as yoga socks, but an additional level of protection is always welcome. If you're on the road a lot, there are times when you never know when or where you'll be doing your routine next. Having a decent pair of yoga socks stashed in your bag helps make sure you can do poses whenever and wherever you want to.

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