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Yoga Pants for Women: Finding the Perfect Pair

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When you do yoga, your body goes through a very wide range of motions that involve a lot of bends, stretches, twists, single leg stands, and sometimes even hand stands. To do yoga asanas or poses properly, you have to wear comfortable clothes that allow for a lot of movement. Yoga shorts are a great choice, but for women who want to wear a less revealing outfit then a pair of proper yoga pants for women is a must-have.

One Size Does Not Fit All

Yoga pants cater to a huge variety of people. They come in a wide range of styles and sizes. The one you choose should depend on your body type. There are big ones, small ones, long ones, and short ones that come in styles that range from flared to skin-tight. There are also yoga pants that are specifically designed for use by pregnant women. It will be way easier to move around in pants that fit you properly. A pair that's too small will restrict your movement, while a pair that's too big might make you trip over the hems. Yoga requires a lot of concentration, so having to keep adjusting your pants because they don't fit right will just mess up your routine and keep you from gaining any of the benefits of yoga. Furthermore, ill-fitting pants would look quite unflattering, which might affect your disposition in a class full of people. If you want to stay stylish in addition to being comfortable then investing in a good pair of quality yoga pants is the right thing to do.

The Right Material

Material is another big consideration when choosing yoga pants. Two of the more common materials used in yoga pants are lycra and cotton. Lycra is a highly stretchable material that is also quite resilient, so no matter the pose you can be sure that a pair of lycra blend yoga pants won't rip easily. If you happen to sweat a lot, you might want to go for a cotton pair since they absorb a lot of the sweat your body produces during your workout. You also have a choice between drawstring pants and a pair with an elastic waistband. Speaking of which, here's a quick tip for those concerned about their look: a pair of pants with a drawstring waist can be more flattering to your backside.

You don't have to spend too much on a pair of yoga pants, but the pricier ones do tend to last longer compared to the cheaper ones. Investing in a quality pair of yoga pants means that you don't have to keep buying replacements, saving you a lot of money in the long run. What's more important is that you are able to make the most of them by practicing regularly and to your full potential.

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