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How Yoga Makes You Healthy, Happy, and Fit

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These three words explain exactly how I am feeling today: healthy, happy and fit. How did I get to this fantastic place in my life? I have no doubt that yoga has contributed to my health, how I feel when I wake up each day, and the fact that my body has never looked better. So let me break down for you how yoga can affect YOUR health, happiness, and fitness.

Yoga Makes You Healthy

The endless list of health benefits gained from a regular practice of yoga is astonishing. From lowering LDL (bad) cholesterol and boosting HDL (good) cholesterol, decreasing the risk of diabetes, encouraging weight loss, improving immunity, lowering blood pressure and the risk of a heart attack, no one should really go another day without yoga.

Over time you’ll not only feel healthier from yoga, you’ll be healthier…period. You may personally experience the positive effects such as improved blood work results, rarely getting sick, and a lower number on the scale.

Yoga Makes You Happy

No one can deny feeling happier after practicing yoga because…well, it’s just impossible not to. That elated feeling stays with you even after you walk away from your mat, and can last throughout the day. Practicing yoga on a consistent basis will not only give you that happy feeling, it’s also been known to relieve depression and reduce anxiety. How does this happen?

Yoga increases the serotonin levels in your brain, gets your blood flowing, and gives you an overall feeling of accomplishment, confidence and a better outlook on life. You’ll notice the days that you practice will be much better than the days that you don’t. Yoga will naturally enable you to face stress, unexpected situations, and negative people in a much more positive way.

Yoga Makes You Fit

It’s been said that a flexible spine keeps you young, and yoga will certainly do that for you. Although at first you might not believe you’ll ever be able to touch your toes, over time yoga will improve your flexibility, balance, posture and overall strength — making what seemed like an impossible pose, possible.

Studies have found that practicing yoga lowers the resting heart rate and improves endurance, transforming you into a true athlete. Strong sculpted muscles don’t only keep you young; they look good. Yoga will strengthen your body from head to toe, sculpting your arms, shoulders, back, core, legs, and butt into the best they can be.

If you’ve just started practicing yoga or have never tried it, be patient and/or give it a chance. With consistency and discipline you’ll reap the benefits yoga has to offer and will start living a healthy, happy and fit life.

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