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Yoga is for Every Body and These Women Want to Prove It (VIDEO)


We say it all the time, that yoga is for everyone and every body, but we, and everyone in the yoga community, have to admit that we still have work to do to make the practice more inclusive.

The sad reality is there are still a lot of men and women who feel uncomfortable walking into yoga classes because of their weight, feeling like they're "too big" or "not flexible enough" to practice yoga. So we want to share this video of Buzzfeed staffers trying out yoga with the guidance of yoga teacher Valerie Sagun—one of the most well-known advocates of curvy yoga.

This is a must-watch not just for anyone who has felt (or feels) intimidated to try yoga because of their weight, but for anyone who practices yoga so it can serve as a reminder that we need to highlight how yoga is for every body and that this beautiful tradition is truly inclusive.

Video credit: Buzzfeed Yellow

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