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Yoga Inspiration – How Yogis Make You Happy

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Being back at school and the yoga studio where I fell in love with the practice has brought me back to my "yoga people" (shout out to K and M!!). There is a special bond between yogis and yoginis. Sharing the same sacred yoga space fosters a warm, caring community between people who come together for this peaceful practice. My yogi friends make me happy. They are my yoga inspiration and here is why.

A Feeling of Home and Comfort

The studio at which I practice at school is the best studio I have ever found (but maybe I'm biased). The owner really does care about the quality of her students' practices over the amount of money she collects. The towels and mats are complimentary and water is sold on the honor system. It fosters a feeling of home and comfort in students that can be so important to our yoga practices. The teachers are kind and caring. They are always willing to help you adjust your poses to improve your practice. Many of them share insightful readings they have come across. All of the teachers are consistently helpful people who truly love their works and give me tons of yoga inspiration.

These are the kinds of places where true yoga happens. If you are lucky enough to have found a place like this, hold on to it! As someone who moves a lot, I can tell you that they are pretty rare.

Love, Life and Energy

I've also had the unique experience of watching one of my best friends learn to be a yoga teacher. She was certified over the summer and is now teaching free classes while she becomes more comfortable with teaching. This has been such a fun experience! She gets better every time she teaches, and as cheesy as it sounds, it is so fun watching her grow. As she takes this new step in her yoga practice, I am inspired to try to do the same. Plus, taking a yoga class with such a close friend is very special. You feel the love and energy of yoga more intensely because you know this person. You know that they love and live yoga. It challenges you to do the same.

…And Loads of Fun!

The classes I have taken with my friend have been some of the most fun classes of my life. It is expanding my yoga practice in so many ways. So thank you, M, for bringing a new inspiration to my yoga practice. It has been a joy practicing with you!

I hope you've gained a little insight from what has been inspiring me lately. A little inspiration can go a long way for your yoga practice. So find what inspires you and watch your practice grow. It will amaze you!

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