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Yoga for Break Ups

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No matter how they happen, break-ups hurt. Whether it is a separation from marriage, boyfriend/girlfriend relationship, or even a best friend, a break-up will often cause a person to have difficulty performing as usual. In most cases the thought of tears, heartache, and loneliness is dreaded, so how can yoga help?

1. Feel the Emotion

A wise person once told me that in order to get through a tough time, you have to first allow yourself to feel the emotions that come with it. Yoga teaches you to take the time to stretch out your body’s kinks, your minds frustrations, and your souls fears; just like your heart needs to feel sad in order to get back to happy.

2. Heart Healing

Once your heart has gone through the emotions, you can being to heal it. You know when you watch a sad movie and you cry and cry, but at the end you are smiling because it all worked out ok? Well, the heart works just like that. Yoga teaches us how to find peace in ourselves, never needing anyone else.

3. Revenge

It is more than common for one to feel the urge to “One-Up” their ex once the sting from the break-up wears off. Practicing yoga, though, gives us that revenge in a less hurtful way, by teaching us to be disciplined and strong in our personal goals. Concentrate on the one thing you have power over, yourself.

Although separation is hard, we can find some comfort in knowing that there are always going to be brighter days ahead. Taking the time to incorporate an activity that will help you to grow, heal, and exceed, is one of the reasons yoga has become so important in our world. Take care of you, and everything else will fall into place.

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