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Yoga Around the World in Photos – Part 2

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We all know that yoga is practiced and well-loved all around the world. But although we know this, it's still a pretty awesome feeling when you can actually see the various beautiful places and countries where your fellow yogis are living their yoga on and off the mat!

So here's part 2 of a little project we did about a year ago, when we asked the DOYOU community to share and give us a glimpse of their practice via their favorite yoga photos taken in different parts of the world.

Comment below if you see your picture and feel free to share this post to spread the love for yoga around the world!

Here's Gerly in Alicante, Spain


Desiree Holding Dancer in Mexico

YATW - Desiree Vargas at Chichen Itza in the Yucatan, Mexico

JoAnn Wheeling Around in Bora Bora

YATW - JoAnn Mingari Hill in Bora Bora

Here's Markéta in Iceland

YATW - Markéta Lu in Iceland

Natasha In Down Dog in Goa

YATW - Natasha Kembrey in Goa, India

Lyza in Whangamata, New Zealand

YATW - Lyza Hart on Donut Island, Whangamata, New Zealand

Redi Shows Us a Glimpse of Mongolia

YATW - Redi N-ara in Terelji National Park, Mongolia

Chantal in the Deserts of Saudi Arabia

YATW - Chantal Beetz in Saudi Arabia

Here's Janis in Thailand

YATW - Janis Cuevas Matias in Phuket, Thailand

Sandra in Beautiful Bolivia

YATW - Sandra Soliz in La Paz, Bolivia

Caroline Goes Upside Down in NSW, Australia

YATW - Caroline Lindsay Cruise in Lake Macquarie NSW, Australia

Where do YOU practice yoga? Share in the comments below!

Image credit: Guillaume Vincent

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