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Yoga Around the World in Photos

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Just as yoga offers limitless possibilities, it has borderless bounds! After a few very international selfie-Saturdays over on our Facebook page, we've gotten a glimpse into yoga around the world!

Here are some of our favorite pictures that the DOYOU community shared from across the globe. Thanks for all of your submissions! If you see your picture or love a picture, leave a shout-out in the comments below!

1. Ariuntungalag finds her balance in Mongolia.

Woman mountain yoga

2. Iza makes headstands look easy in Switzerland.

Woman in headstand

3. Fearless Sara strikes a paddle board pose in Bora Bora, French Polynesia.

Woman in wheel on a paddle board

4. Lara Lyn shows us a gorgeous pose and gorgeous Namibia in her photo.

Crow Pose

5. From New Zealand, Anna says "kia ora" which is a Māori greeting meaning "be well!"

Wheel Pose

6. Climbing rocks and doing arm balances, Meera amazes us from Harare, Zimbabwe.

Woman in arm balance

7. Sui sends greetings and a strong warrior from Albania.

Woman in Warrior II

8. From the heights of Machu Picchu, Peru, Jessica roots down in Tree Pose.

Woman in Tree Pose

9. Becki braves the frozen temperatures to do a handstand on Lake Champlain in Chazy, New York.

Woman in Handstand

10. From Plitvice National Park, Croatia, Tara shows us her Wheel.

Woman in wheel

11. Kerry is experimenting with transit and doing yoga in India.

Woman in Crow Pose

12. A Canadian yogi poses on Base Camp Everest, Nepal. Go Rod!

Man on Everest

13. Maddie says "aloha!" from Maui.

Woman in balance

14. All the way from Nova Scotia, Canada, Laura strikes a stunning pose.

Photographer: Daniela Erazo/ Yogini: @yogaborealis on Instagram

15. Dafne shows us her stellar Tree from Mexico.

woman on Tree

Thank you all for sharing your beauty, sharing your strength, and sharing your yoga! No matter what distances are between us, these photos show the power of yoga to connect with ourselves, with our surroundings, and with each other.

Where do you yoga? Share in the comments below!

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