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Yes, My Thighs Touch (and I am Absolutely Fine)

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My thighs touch. Easily. I also ate peanut butter out of a jar last week. I teach yoga but have not yet mastered Handstand. And my body functions completely asymmetrically from years of competitive figure skating.

Still, somehow, I do not suck.

In fact, people have told me that I’m pretty cool. People seem to like me and my ‘uni-thighs.’ Because, as it turns out, it is my heart and my way of being in the world that informs how I show up and connect with people—not my thighs. Not any arbitrary facts about my body really.

I’m not waiting for a ‘perfect’ ________ to live my life. I’ve tried that. Nor am I willing to berate myself for my uniqueness. I am not a battlefield. I am not something to be fixed or transformed. All I have to do, really, is be who I am.

My ears and heart work really well. I am able to listen. I am able to offer compassion and empathy. I am able to love. And I am able to do these things, no matter what size my body is!

Dropping the idea of “permissible.”

When we are waiting to allow ourselves to be ‘permissible,’ we are ultimately suggesting to ourselves that we are somehow not okay. We tell ourselves: ‘should,’ ‘someday,’ and ‘can’t.’ This needs to stop. What if you remembered how good you are?

Who made your rules? Who told you that you needed to change?

When I ask myself these questions, I always come to back to me. The acceptance that I really need is mine! We need our own acceptance. Period. You deserve that too.

Make your own rules.

It’s time to stop waiting for ‘perfect’ to live life. Invite people into your loving heart. Today. You do not have to pretend you are okay when you are not. But, you do have to remember that you are flawless as you are! You make your rules.

And, yes, my thighs touch. Because I am a human loving being.

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