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Would You Rather Fit In or Stand Out?

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Have you ever thought how the world would be if we were truly ourselves? If we didn't care about others' opinions? If we were listening more to our heart and less to our mind?

Unfortunately, we live in a "world of uniformity" and not in a "world of diversity". We wear the same clothes, have similar eating habits and behave as the others do. We try so hard to be liked that we sometimes end up losing ourselves—not realizing that people end up truly liking us only when we are authentic and true to ourselves.

What Does It Mean to be Authentic and True?

Being true and authentic goes beyond the most basic lifestyle choices we make, such as the clothes we wear and food we eat. Living authentically is a daily choice you make to tell your own truth and behave in your own unique style.

This encompasses your social relationships, the words you speak, the friends you make, the work you do, and so much more. It's also about not blindly subscribing to whatever anyone tells you is right or is beautiful. Take time to engage in activities that you feel truly express yourself. 

We are created to be different and to follow our personal truth…and my truth can't be exactly the same as yours.

This doesn't mean that any one is better than the other, but rather that all our personal stories weave a beautiful tapestry of unique and incomparable truths.

We are here to love and learn about each other, and not to be exactly like the other.

Don't be afraid of being different. Don't be afraid to follow YOUR dreams instead of those of others simply because theirs "make more sense" or because other people tell you to take the same path. If you don't follow your dream, you will end up working for the realization of another's dream.

Listen to your heart. Do things that make your soul dance. This is the meaning of life—"to live a life that makes our soul dance inside our body."

So before you do something, first ask yourself: does it sing to me? does this make me truly happy? If the answer is yes, then by all means, go right ahead. But if your answer involves fulfilling the happiness or expectations of someone else, if this choice of action doesn't sing to you, that means it's simply not your song and you should learn to find your own.

Don't be afraid of criticism and don't worry too much about whether you are liked or not. Cross over the path of your heart and not the path that has been already walked. The life is here and now! Grab the day and live the life that you always dreamt of.

Be yourself and you will fall in love with your other half. Be yourself and you will find the job you are meant to do. Be yourself and you will find the soulmates you are meant to be with. Be yourself and feel free.

Close your eyes, take a deep breath, and promise yourself that from now on, you will try to be no one else but yourself—living authentically in all your perfect imperfections.

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