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Why You Should Stop Settling And Aspire To Something Bigger

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The quality of our intentions influences the quality of our lives. Successful business people, athletes and artists all sing a similar song when it comes to setting your intentions high. Yoga helps in this way by teaching us to make precise, high quality efforts. It helps us expand beyond our greatest potential.

"Having an unusually large goal is an adrenaline infusion that provides the endurance to overcome the inevitable trials and tribulations. Goals restricted to the average ambition level, are uninspiring and will only fuel you through the 1st or 2nd problem at which point you throw in the towel. If the potential payoff is mediocre or average, so is your effort." – Tim Ferriss, author of The Four Hour Workweek

How about thinking big, like Tim Ferriss How about thinking big, like Tim Ferriss

I know this to be true in my life. I lose the ability to stick with something if my ambitions are just average. When my goals are set higher, something within me charges up! And this energy is contagious. If I'm not creating or helping someone create a new idea, a new business a day, I'm slacking.

While on retreat, I often ask my clients to pick an aspirational pose: something they’ve always wanted to do, but maybe hadn’t tried or didn’t think they could. I tell them to stop at levitation, but anything else goes! I have found that if you set your sights too low, then you likely won't stay with the practice. You'll get bored and want to give up. And boredom is the opposite of happiness.

But as big as your intention is, keep it simple. That way, you can actually start on the path and keep momentum going, step by step. Just as in yoga where we grow by millimeters, baby steps toward our goal will eventually get us there.

Today, what are your biggest dreams? Is there something that you want to manifest? Stop living in self-delusional comfort, and focus your energy on the tasks that will help you achieve your dreams.

Tim Ferriss also says  that "The fishing is best where the fewest go, and the collective insecurities of the world make it easy for people to hit home runs while everyone else is aiming for base hits."

This week, let's all focus on the home runs. We only get this one chance at life. Remember as Wayne Dyer puts it, “You are not an apprentice person on the way to someplace else.” Your life is not a rehearsal. Go for it! Love yourself, love your day, love your life!

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