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Why You Should (Pretty Much) Always Assume The Best

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When we assume the best, we create a safe environment for our own self-exploration and spiritual maturity. You can see it even in our physical posture in life. If you stand with your arms relaxed at your sides your heart is wide open, welcoming the best. If you stand with your arms tightly crossed over your chest then your heart is closed in an expectation of being hurt or afraid. It is easy to stand at the "water cooler" of life making the most negative assumptions about our jobs, our boss, our friends, our families, our life. Or you can practice loving yourself, loving your day, loving your life by assuming the BEST. Or at the very least offering some benefit of the doubt that the universe knows what it’s doing and has our best interests in mind.

There Are Two Paths That We Walk

  1. One in the darkness assuming that everyone we meet is out to get us
  2. Or we can walk the path in the light looking for the good in others, assuming the best of people.

My friend Anne posted on facebook last week, "Those who look to be offended are never disappointed (no offense.)" It's true. If you want to see the dark side of anyone you will find negativity reflected back to you. “Seek and you shall find.” Practice being critical and you'll find plenty of ways to prove yourself right.

But the bigger question is…

Would you rather be happy or be right?

Every day we have a choice. What you did yesterday need not hold you back from choosing better today. Assume the best with a positive expectation and you'll get really good at it looking for the good all around you. Barbara Frederickson, a professor of psychology at the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill, explains that positive emotions allow us to see more, whereas negative emotions literally narrow our thinking. End of the day there are really only two buckets: fear or love. The bucket you have made the most deposits of energy into will grow. Just try it for a week: assume the best and feel the abundance of joy that comes as a result of seeing more.

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