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Why You Should Make The Journey Your Destination

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When will I get there? How much longer will it take? What if it never happens?

Why is it that when we set off on a trip, embark on a new adventure or face a life-altering circumstance these questions tend to occupy our thoughts?

How come we always seem to be in a hurry to be someplace, achieve something or need to know the conclusion? In our haste to reach the endpoint —wherever or whatever that may be—we tend to focus on the culmination and how quickly we can reach it instead of savoring the process and living in the moment.

But what if we shift the emphasis and focus to the journey instead of the destination? Imagine how different the experience would be if the process itself became the goal. Everything would change. Expectations would be different. Self-imposed pressure would be removed. It wouldn’t matter how long, difficult, uncertain or unlikely the outcome may turn out to be. Ultimately it’s through the doing that we uncover our hidden strengths, talents and character. We become stronger through our struggles. We learn who we are through our trials and tribulations. As a result we become better people— stronger and more resilient. Along the way, by taking risks, failing, trying again, persevering, having faith and determination, we discover so much more about ourselves than we could have possibly imagined.

Instead of rushing to achieve the perceived desired result, enjoy the experience. Live in the moment. Make the most of it. While destinations are worth striving for, some, even when they are reached aren’t what we anticipated them to be. Other times we are disappointed by the conclusion.

In the end, it’s not about how fast we can make it to the finish. What really matters is what we’ve gained along the way— the memories created through the experiences that enabled us to do so. In reality, the process itself is what is so rewarding. Sometimes when the actual goal is reached, there is a let-down feeling or a sense of disappointment that it is over. The anticipation, planning, preparing, excitement and looking forward to seeing things to fruition are what make the venture so memorable. Whether we accomplish what we set out to do or not makes very little difference. But then what would be the point of a destination if there is no journey? Maybe, the journey really is the destination all along.

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