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Why You Don’t Need Flexibility to be a Yogi

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I’ve heard it many times: “Oh, that’s cool you do yoga. I can’t, I’m not that flexible.” And I respond by saying, “Neither am I!”

Yoga for Every Body

I’ve been blessed with extremely tight hamstrings and a shoddy lower back, as I’m sure many have. But I found yoga. Or maybe yoga found me. And my inflexibility hasn’t held me back from finding my unique practice and a new mindset because of it.

Yoga provides people of all ages, backgrounds, shapes, and sizes, with their own practice. This is an opportunity to explore your own unique body. To find length, grounding, and opening with a sequence of poses that can and should be different for everyone.

Your practice, whether at home or in a studio, should be a time to be on your mat; a time to spoil yourself with a strength in your body, the calming of your mind, and sometimes more importantly, it’s YOU time!

Many People, Many Goals, Much Yoga

Growth in yoga takes many forms. For some, yes, it’s going from not touching your toes to being able to. For others, it’s finally getting rid of that fear and getting up into a headstand. And for many more, it’s about finding a practice that makes you a better you.

So no, on most days I can’t touch my toes. And I’m still fighting that fear of headstands! But yoga has made me a better person, not because I can finally nail certain poses, but because I have found a positivity and strength that I never knew was possible.

Find Yoga, Find Yourself

And when you come to your mat, it’s a time to calm your mind. To stop worrying about to-do lists, and to stop any judgment of yourself or others. So just coming to the mat means you can focus on improving yourself, and not on what or how everyone else is practicing.

So who cares if the girl next to you has her feet behind her head, or if the guy in front of you can do a split. Be on your own mat. Focus on your practice and on evolving your mind and your body. Because this whole yoga thing isn’t about flexibility and looking cool, it’s about finding yourself.

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