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Why Yogis Are More Attractive

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Here is a super simple fact about energy: it is attracted to the same kind of energy. Like energy attracts like energy.

When we breathe, feel, and live from our heart energy we attract more of the same. And science can prove it. This is otherwise known as the Law of Attraction. And interesting enough, when you feel good, you are more attractive.

Yoga teaches us that our natural state is one of happiness. We are born that way and meant to live that way. There is nothing wrong with enjoying life!

Here are 3 ways yogis are more attractive:

1. Confident Attitude

Develyn Steele says, “Smiling changes your attitude, raises your confidence, and makes you more attractive."

Whether you believe it or not, smiling changes how you feel. If you doubt this, then start smiling and thinking positive thoughts and see what develops. You will find that you can't help but have a more elevated attitude when you smile or even think about when you were last smiling.

Today, practice a guided visualization with your left side to experience what it feels like physically to smile with each part of your body. Then notice if the right and left sides of your body feel different from one another. From there, try planting a smile here and there to see how this influences your confidence in poses like Plank.

2. Friendliness

What is even more fascinating to support the theory of the Law of Attraction, or how we attract similar energy, is that of the 44 muscles of the face that allow us to create more than 5000 different types of expressions, each of those expressions will have a unique effect on the way you feel and how others feel about you.

By practicing ahimsa, friendliness, towards how you practice the poses, you learn how to maintain a friendly demeanor in challenging situations off the mat. Instead of getting upset at the barista, you are able to remain kind in your words and actions, and thereby their response back to you will be more kind.

3. Positivity

Remember that pose you told yourself you couldn’t do and the result was you couldn’t? Then you changed the way you thought about it and it became accessible to you. Yoga teaches us to believe in our greatest potential and stay the course. This can be applied off the mat as well.

Positive thinking is what is behind the intention we set at the start of each class. We define what we want to manifest and believe we deserve it. We then put our efforts towards creating that intention. And lo and behold, time and time again, we create our reality.

That is how profound an impact this practice can have on your life. I know because it's had this amazing impact on changing my life for the best. Self-confidence, friendliness, and positivity have all been demonstrated as those qualities that others find the most attractive.

All you have to do is practice them and see for yourself who comes into your life.

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