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Why Do You Look Like That?

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There are periods in life that we feel out of rhythm with the world. Sometimes it’s as if we are riding on top of a wave through the ocean of life, while other times we are fighting against the tide.

Our life begins to feel out of balance as our daily activities become a struggle; the simplest things turn into a prolonged fight.

Why Does This Happen to You?

Conflict arises from resistance. The worldly battle you find yourself in is the internal struggle you are projecting. This struggle is resistance to aspects of your true nature.

It is easy to see this when we encounter neurotic people. Their life is drama. They are fighting with themselves so much that it spills into all their interactions. They can’t even sit still, or stop talking. If they do, they will have to look at the internal conflict. So they continue to resist.

Psychological resistance to your true nature creates tension within the framework of the body. This resistance creates emotions that restrict the flow of prana, the vital life force in the body. This is the cause of disease, immobility, inflexibility, and also the way you look.

Yes, You Look Exactly As You Are!

People always say that you can’t judge someone by the way they look, but this is incorrect. You are exactly as you look! The problem is that when we see people, we project our own psychology onto them, and this hinders our understanding of who they are.

However, if you can take away all your projections, you will see that people are exactly as they look.

What Does the Way You Look Have to Do with Resistance?

What happens if you see that you are about to have an accident in a car? You tense up. Your facial muscles tense, and your body prepares to meet resistance. This resistance to the experience is what increases injury. This is why people who are intoxicated when they get into accidents tend to fare better than those who aren’t; they don’t react.

Think of how this applies to everyday life. When you are anxious, scared, angry, etcetera, particular parts of the face and body react. You are not being authentic. You are identifying with something false. The opposite is true, too. If you are living a relaxed and authentic life, your face and body display this.

Remember when your mother told you that if you kept making that funny face that you would freeze like that? Well, be angry for a long period of time and the facial muscles will tense up and eventually lose their elasticity and be altered. This is the physical body's reaction to resistance. Intense and prolonged experiences will affect the way you look.

People talk about “good” energy and “bad” energy, the same way they talk about “good” and “evil.” Good and evil do not exist, it is only understanding and ignorance. Similarly, there is only one energy and then corruptions to the flow of that energy.

That energy we refer to is consciousness. The corruption to the flow of consciousness is called resistance.

What are You Resisting?

You say, “If I could add ______ to my life I would be complete." It could be a new job, degree, partner, money, car, house, children, you might even look to add happiness.

This is our modern worldview. Our approach to self-awareness. Trying to make ourselves feel better about who we are through adding “improvements.”

This approach moves you in the opposite direction to self-awareness. This is adding higher heels, make-up, changing the color of your hair. Why? So these additions can make you feel good about yourself so you love yourself more? Who is it that you love with the changes that you add to yourself?

Self-Realization is a Process of Subtraction

You have to understand that you are complete. There is nothing to add to become self-realized.

The resistance to your true nature creates a distance between your internal connection that results in a greater separation between you and life. This causes you to withdraw from life in particular ways. This closes you off from experiences and opportunities that you are searching for. You wonder why opportunities are so inaccessible without realizing it is your own doing that separates you from them.

Everything you could ever want is available to you right now. It is resistance to your true nature which closes you off from it, and disrupts the rhythm of life.

There are no decisions to make in life.

An apple tree doesn’t decide to grow apples. It is its nature. Your life should not evolve as part of a goal, it should unfold as a form of authentic self-expression. Every step you take should be in the direction of getting to a deeper and more subtle self-expression. Recognize your vibration and tune yourself into the subtleties of that path.

The beauty is within. It just needs to be uncovered.

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