Where Earth Meets Sky: A Beautiful, Down-to-Earth Yoga Practice (VIDEO)

Yoga in the modern world now comes with many accoutrements—the funky yoga clothes, innovative tech products, and all sorts of things that are now often considered "symbols" of how yoga is practiced.

While none of these external things lessen the depth of yoga and the benefits it brings, it's still nice to see asana practice "stripped down" to what it's really about—the synchronicity of breath and movement, and how postures can be used as a way into ourselves, to find the union of mind, body, and spirit.

That's why we love this video—it's a yoga practice that gives you a feeling of groundedness. It's not the scenic background or the clothes, the "fancy poses", or accessories that take the front stage. It's all about nature, body, breath, and movement. Enjoy!

Video credit: Megan Baumeister

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