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What’s In Your Summertime Yoga Playlist?

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Music can make or break a yoga class. It can make it powerful or totally lame.

In my opinion, music is an integral part of a yoga class. And I love it when a playlist builds with the flow. It creates such an awesome energy and makes the practice that much better.

That said, I have to admit that I sort of pride myself on being a yoga DJ when I teach! Embarrassing, yet still true! I spend probably (ok, definitely) too much time selecting the perfect songs that not only play nice together, but keep the energy in the room fluid without distracting from the point of class. Too many words or weird, shrill instruments have the tendency to pull someone out of the moment which isn't good either.

So to give you guys an idea of my kind of yoga music, I’m going to share with you my latest playlist. Hope you enjoy!

What songs or artists are YOU loving this summer?

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