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What Is Strala Yoga?

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Ashtanga, Jivamukti, Bikram, Moksha, Vinyasa, Yin—these are only a few of the lineages, styles, and brands of yoga today that you might find listed on your local studio schedule.

Each of these so-called styles of yoga might differ in sequence, format, and even temperature, but the objective remains the same: using the body as a vehicle to deepen the connection to the self in an effort to elevate consciousness.

Strala Yoga, founded by Tara Stiles in 2008, is no different. But what exactly is Strala Yoga and what makes it different than other styles out there today? I sat down with Paris-based yoga teacher, and Strala “guide,” Hermine Prunier to find out.

What is Strala Yoga?

Hermine: It is 'the movement that ignites freedom". It really is. Tara Stiles’ method of teaching yoga and training teachers around the globe is encouraging practitioners to "make their own yoga," to take it easy, and to move one breath at a time.

It holds the essence of Vinyasa; but the emphasis is placed on the freedom of movement, exploring your body while in each posture, literally "swaying a little side to side" as Tara often says. There aren’t many hands-on adjustments in class, and as a result, the pressure is taken off of needing to embody the "perfect posture.”

How is Strala yoga different from other styles of yoga?

Hermine: Strala celebrates the differences and diversity of every practitioner. There is no “wrong” or “misaligned” way of moving your body in Strala. This makes it very encouraging to get on the mat, take your practice to the next level, and break your habits.

As for the teachers, I think Strala was the first to really celebrate that there are as many styles of "yoga" as there are teachers. As the baseline is "make your own yoga”, Strala encourages teachers to break free from the traditional do's and dont's of practice and simply share what works for them.

Would you recommend yogis to practice Strala yoga? Why?

Hermine: Strala challenges beginners and seasoned practitioners alike to move slowly with their breath, building both attention and strength while letting go of mental obstacles.

As with all styles and lineages of yoga, Strala is designed to clear the body and mind. It additionally connects students with their own intuition to discover their body in an independent fashion.

While the class is led by a teacher, or a Strala “guide”, Strala Yoga encourages practitioners to find their own best practices and spirituality.

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