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What is ‘Elimination Diet’ and How Does It Work?

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Looking to transform your life in multiple ways? Start from scratch by adjusting how you incorporate food into your life.

Elimination diets have been used by nutritionists for years to figure out whether someone is sensitive to a specific food or food group. It can reveal both sensitivities and allergies, but these diets also clean up your diet generally and resets your internal cravings for things like sugar and salt.

They allow you to hand design a diet that is personal to your bodies needs.

These types of dietary changes can change your physical energy level and the way you feel on a daily basis. It could help you sleep better, improve digestion and smooth out your mood! Leaving you feeling healthier and far more energized.

How an Elimination Diet Works

So what does it take? Well there are many different ways to approach an elimination diet, but the common thread is that you start by cutting out foods like gluten, dairy, eggs, alcohol, caffeine, and all junk food for 30 days.

Then begin to introduce one food group at a time with say gluten or dairy. Repeat that food group daily for a week and take detailed note of how you feel, monitoring how your body reacts.

If you have a reaction that you dislike you simply note that that food makes that happen.

You then repeat this addition process with another food group. Slowly but surely, you create a solid sense of what works for your body, and what doesn’t. From that information, you can remodel your diet into something more effective at procuring better health.

To deepen the results, you could make a list of any thing that feels uncomfortable in your body before you begin and then slowly work through the list to see if your diet has any effect on those things — noting the food that provoked or soothed that symptom next to it.

Even if you have no food sensitivities, you will have rinsed out your digestive tract, reset your metabolism and will have begun the process of stopping specific cravings.

Happy Munching!

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