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What Equipment Do I Need For Yoga?

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I’m super new to yoga and I’m wondering if I should get myself some yoga equipment. If so, what do I need and why? Leon P.

The Answer

Hey there, Leon! Ahh, the wonderful world of yoga props. There are so many of them, and they can serve a really great purpose, so let me give you a low down of typical yoga equipment. It’s really important to keep in mind that using props does NOT mean you’re weak, or inflexible, or that you’re “cheating.” In fact, using props can make you a more aware yogi. Knowing how and when to use equipment is super beneficial to the development of your practice.

Yoga Mat: I think the most obvious yoga prop is the mat. Yes, yoga is possible without a mat, but the stickiness and extra padding is often very convenient.

Yoga Block.: Blocks are essentially used to bring the floor closer to you. You can sit on them, use them as support in reclined backbends, or reach for them in standing balancing poses.

Yoga Blanket: Obviously, blankets can be used for extra padding and support for the knees and sit bones. I love sitting on blankets when I’m meditating, especially because it helps to make the spine more erect.

Strap: Straps are best used to make the arms longer. When you’re trying to reach your toes in a seated forward fold and it seems too far away, use a strap to lasso your feet to get some extra traction and stretch.

Additional Tips

More often than not, studios will provide all of the equipment you’d need for any given class. Before purchasing your own (why not save some money?), check with your local and favorite studios to see which props they determine to be communal!

But ultimately, in most cases, the only prop you really need is your own body. That’s the beauty about yoga. It can be done anytime, anywhere. So if you don’t have equipment that you need, be flexible, and modify, modify, modify!

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