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What Does It Mean to Consecrate Your Yoga Practice?

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One of the most beautiful elements of yoga is the way it unites all those who practice with themselves, one another, the earth we live on and even the divine.

Divides no longer exist between individuals. Your age, gender, race, and religion do not create barriers nor do they govern our yoga practice. And when we stop focusing on the difference, we are left with something very simple, pure and wonderful — the practice of yoga.

Yoga and Avoiding Attachment

In a world where many of us indulge the ego, it is so important that yoga and our practice of yoga does not fall into the traps of attachment.

You may be as guilty of this as I am; "my practice," "my style," "my space," "my journey" — these are all things I have watched myself say over the years and haven't really given it too much thought. 

By consecrating your yoga practice, you remove the self and offer the practice to something or someone higher than yourself.

Over the years I have offered up my practice to various people whenever I thought there was a genuine need, but this was never a regular part of my practice. It wasn't until a recent training where I really began to think about consecration and dedication. The concept was introduced and I was taught how to integrate this into my yoga routine.

What does consecration mean?

Consecration literally means "associated with the sacred" and is a sincere and true dedication to a service or purpose. A consecration usually has a religious connotation, but persons, places, things and actions can also be consecrated.

You can also think of a consecration as an intention or even dedication if you will.

How do I consecrate my yoga practice?

There are various different ways to consecrate or dedicate a personal practice (or even a class, for all the teachers out there). It doesn't matter who you are or even the religion you connect with, everyone can offer up the fruits of their practice.

Start by finding a comfortable seated position, as if you are about to meditate. Take a moment to settle into the situation and prepare yourself for a yoga practice. Take a few deep breaths if this helps you to arrive into the present moment.

When you feel ready, it is time to offer the practice with complete sincerity. In your own words, you can give the practice to your higher self, a higher consciousness, the universe, a deity you personally connect with, or even Mother Earth.

If this does not resonate with you, then what about offering the practice to a person in need, maybe a loved one or a colleague, a nation maybe. It is completely up to you.

You can make your consecration as long or as short as you like, say it internally or speak it out loud if you are alone, and when you are finished, take a few breaths and cultivate the feeling of gratitude. It really is as simple as that.

There is nothing to lose but a few minutes from your asana, Pranayama, and Meditation practice, so give it a go. This may help to you cultivate a more connected feeling to your practice, surroundings and even divine.

To be able to practice with true gratitude and devotion is a gift, and is something very special and accessible to all. How do YOU consecrate your practice? Share your thoughts below!

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