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What Do People Love Most About the Yoga Community?

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DOYOU conducted a global survey and one of the metrics examined what people love about the yoga community. With over 67% of our responders saying that they practice three or more times per week, it’s clear that people love the warm, judgment-free, and welcoming feelings they receive.

But after hearing from over 10,000 responders, we gained a little more insight into the most alluring aspects of the yoga community. Some of the more telling results are below:

1. The Open-mindedness

It’s no surprise that open-mindedness is the number one reason that people love the yoga community. Yogis are constantly striving for mindfulness, and part of mindfulness is understanding and accepting others. So it would make sense that the yoga community makes for the perfect environment for someone to foster their practice with like-minded and open-minded individuals. Of our responders, 57% said that open-mindedness was a facet they loved about the yoga community.

2. Idea of Conscious Living

Yogis also strive to be more present, more conscious of the world around them. Over half of the DOYOU sample indicated that this ideal of living consciously is valued in a yoga community. There’s nothing more rewarding than expressing and receiving awareness.

3. The Connectedness

The yoga community is pretty tight—we’re here to uplift, encourage, and inspire one another. 42% of our responders said that connectedness is a reason they love the yoga community. And no one can deny just how good it feels to be part of the “yoga tribe.”

4. The Atmosphere in Yoga Classes

When choosing a yoga class, nearly all of our DOYOU participants said that the atmosphere was important. Yoga studios and communities tend to give off a zen vibe with calming music, tranquil colors, soothing scents, and friendly people. But more specifically, yogis may enjoy the approachability and nurturing aspect of the yoga community.

5. It’s a Mutualistic Relationship

With nearly 80% of responders citing that they meditate, it’s clear that mindfulness is an important factor in yogis’ lives. Being surrounded by other conscious and thoughtful people is something that yogis can appreciate.

It’s a mutualistic relationship—yogis benefitting from the mind/body benefits of being part of the yoga community, and then contributing that learned behavior back to the community…sort of like a positive karmic cycle.

In the yoga community, there’s a lot to enjoy and a lot of joy to impart on others. It’s positive, rewarding, healthy, inclusive, and open-minded. It’s also a supportive environment where you’re growing individually, yet also together as one community.

Further, the yoga community’s front door is wide open, welcoming yogis of all shapes, sizes, religions, regions, social status, and levels. No matter where you are in the world, yoga largely looks the same with the same poses, the same spoken Sanskrit, the same zen vibe…it’s universal. With yoga, there’s no prerequisite or application—literally anyone and everyone is welcome.

What do YOU love most about the yoga community?

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