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What Are The Rules For Talking In A Yoga Class?

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It's not like I want to hold speeches during class, but exchanging a word or two with my mat neighbor just seems normal to me. Am I being rude? ~ Larry O.

The Answer

I want you to think about how many times during your day that you’re able to be still. When you have nothing to do, and nowhere to be. When you can simply be quiet and present and completely at ease.

Since we’re all living in the modern age, chances are that there aren’t many moments when that kind of serenity is reality. We live in such a go go go society where we’re always logged on and involved. One of the main benefits we get from our yoga practice is the ability to experience just the opposite. We come to our mats to be with ourselves, to be quite, to be still. Enjoy that.

I think people look down on side conversations during class not only because it’s out of the ordinary—people like their time to just be with themselves, to enjoy that peace and tranquility.

I notice that people often begin to get chatty when they’re taking a drink of water, or moving to the wall, or something that requires anything outside of the “flow” of the class. Recognize how you operate even during the transitions. Does your mind wander? Do you automatically need to find a distraction, something to say, and excuse to go to the bathroom, etc.?

Appreciate the time you dedicate to your yoga practice, but also acknowledge how you operate during this time.

Additional Tips

Most importantly, remember not to take anything too seriously—especially yoga. Yoga should be fun, it should be something you enjoy. So when you’re practicing and you want to laugh, LAUGH.

Don’t think that practicing yoga is this holy and enlightening and extremely serious thing that doesn’t invite smiles and giggles and all that fun stuff. If you’re one of those people who automatically and violently glares at another because she laughed out loud as she fell out of a headstand, take a deep breath and really think about where you are.

It’s YOGA, everybody! Simple: it makes you feel good, you should express that. BUT just remember to always be respectful of the teacher and the students around you.

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