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Weird Stuff Yoga Teachers Say

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Yoga teachers sometimes feel like they are repeating the same verbal cues over and over again every day, day in and day out. As such, there is a tendency for teachers to, ahem, "get creative" with the language they use and the way in which they put these alignment cues and verbal instruction to their students.

Flowery language and interesting imagery can be useful for students to get a better visual idea of what they are trying to achieve, but mostly if we really analyse these 'somewhat common' teaching phrases, it can be rather… interesting.

Here are just some of the interesting stuff yoga teachers say — share the love if you can relate!

melt into mat


open the heart




energy fingertips

If you're a teacher do you have any flowery images that you always come back to? Or if you are a student, are there any comical phrases you've ever heard in class? I'd love to hear!

Leave me a comment or pop over to my Instagram account and leave your flowery language there and maybe I will illustrate a few more!

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