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Vancouver Has ‘Bunny Yoga’ And It’s For a Good Cause

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Here’s a great opportunity to work on your Rabbit Pose with actual rabbits.

You might have heard of the yoga studio in Illinois that offers yoga classes with cats who are up for adoption. But now the Small Animal Rescue Society (SARS) of British Columbia is offering a few yoga classes with bunnies in the hopes that someone will adopt them.

Bunny Yoga

The first bunny yoga class is scheduled for October 4th, but sold out so quickly, that a second was added for October 25th. Due to the popularity of these two classes, future events seem to already be in the works. So if you didn’t get your ticket, not to worry. You’ll be able to practice with Peter Cottontail very soon.

Rabbits are extremely social animals, so there’s almost guaranteed to be some human-bunny interaction during class. Marina Herbert, one of the event organizers, hopes that the classes will at least get people thinking about giving a bunny a forever home, according to VancityBuzz.

Looking for Forever Homes

These adorable bunnies are currently in foster homes, but what better way to go about getting adopted than looking all cute at a yoga class?

“Even if students on that particular day aren’t in a position to foster or adopt, just having the event is so novel that when people hear about it, it may plant a seed and they may start to think if a bunny could be a good pet for them and maybe contact a rescue for more information,” she says.

Share the Love With Furry Friends

The yoga class, taught by instructor Caroline MacGillivray, will be suitable for all levels (and animals). Plus, all proceeds will go to help SARS of BC find good homes for rabbits and other small pets.

According the Facebook event page, “While you are practising [!the!] will freely hop around and act adorable (under the supervision of SARS BC volunteers). They may even make themselves comfortable on your mat.” Sign us up!

And what’s more, you get to “enjoy the benefits of yoga as you deepen your connection to these fascinating beings with whom we share this planet.” Is there anything better than that?

So get on your mats, Vancouver yogis, and help spread the love with some of our furry friends!

Source: HuffPostBC Image credit: Animal Friends on Facebook

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