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Use Your Yoga Practice to Open Your Heart

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As far as I’m concerned, it’s all about heart. I’ve spent years trying to figure out how to manage an uber-sensitive heart and function at work and in my personal life. After a long time of trying to "toughen up," I found that this was not my path.

Yoga opens the heart, and while that sets me up for hurt and to look like a fool, it also opens me to help and live with others in an honest way.

So, don't forget that while we twist ourselves in some crazy version of a High Lunge Bind, or balance our way into Bird of Paradise, we are readying ourselves for opening ourselves and finding inner beauty and balance in the storm of life. Forget about the pose, but stay true to its form: huge heart opening and a mirror for what is happening inside.

1. Opening Your Heart Focuses on You

That in turn, will make you solid for the others in your world. Whether we are talking about the people you work with or your family who relies on you, give energy and time with fullness and grace.

You can become your best version and serve them and yourself in an honest and open way.

2. The Flow

Opening the heart takes time and thought. We sit at desks and computers too much, and we have to think about that opening now. Something that was once very natural needs care and adjustment.

The time you spend on your yoga practice, though, gives you the time it takes to connect with your body and your mind, which creates an internal flow of energy.

3. The Overlap

Any heart opening pose makes you feel and glow like a sunrise over a glassy lake. It can overlap into how you feel the rest of the day and the week.

You stand, walk, and generally move with more confidence.

4. The Connection

We cannot connect with others the way we are meant to when we are closed and tight from the inside out. That connection within ourselves strengthens us to reach out to others and relate to them in the way we were meant to, and allows them to connect to us.

That said, sometimes we are closed to contemplate, and sometimes to heal. Opening is not to be forced or manipulated. Opening will happen with thought and in its own time, but its benefits bring confidence, connection, and an inner glow.

How do you use yoga to help open your heart? Share your tips with us below!

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