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Types of Yoga Mats

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Owning the best yoga mat is essential so you can perform your yoga routines effectively at home or wherever your enthusiastic spirit takes you. It’s good to invest in a yoga mat for personal use and hygienic purposes. You can just roll it out on your balcony or even in the hotel room of a foreign city. Select your most ideal choice from the numerous types of Yoga mats.

Basic Sticky Yoga Mats

The basic sticky yoga mats are the most common types of yoga mat. They have a slightly sticky texture so you can hold your Yoga poses for a longer period of time without slipping. You can use them in the convenience of your own home. That will save you from worrying about used yoga mats in your classes. For the thickness, you can select from a 1/8″ and a ¼” thick, the latter being the better choice because it provides more comfortable cushioning for your body as you perform those challenging yoga routines. They are less expensive compared to the other types so it’s best for beginners to purchase their own.

Natural Rubber Yoga Mats

It’s good to stick with tried and tested choices such as the natural rubber yoga mats. They are one of the first two types of yoga mats introduced in the market for the nature-oriented yogis. This type of yoga mat is made of natural rubber material which boasts non-toxic and eco-friendly qualities. On the whole, natural rubber yoga mats are made from biodegradable and recyclable materials. They have a good slip-resistant feature that’s perfect for strenuous yoga sessions. Owing to its natural material component, the mat provides excellent cushioning and durability. This is very good for eco-friendly yoga enthusiasts who aim to leave a minimal carbon footprint.

Plastic Elastomer Yoga Mats

There have been developments with the fabrication of yoga mats. Plastic elastomer yoga mats are amazing examples of these innovations. These mats are environmentally friendly and healthy to use because they do not contain PVC, latex and other toxic materials. They are considered cheap yoga mats in comparison to plastic versions. A plastic elastomer mat provides excellent traction and they are slip-resistant. It’s fairly easy to clean because it barely absorbs water and moisture. It’s one of the best yoga mats on the market because of its enhanced features. Just remember that it’s made from natural materials so sun exposure must be minimal otherwise it will not last longer. This mat is most appropriate for yoga practitioners who have sensitive health.

Cotton and Hemp Yoga Mats

You can go all natural with cotton and hemp yoga mats. Cotton yoga mats serve as good cushioning for yoga exercise because they have a soft texture and they absorb sweat easily. They are easy to clean regularly because you can just wash them after you use them. Keep in mind that cotton fibers break faster due to wear and tear so they are not as long lasting as plastic yoga mats. That being said, it is this particular quality which makes them more hygienic than the latter type. In comparison to cotton mats, hemp yoga mats last longer because they are made of weaved hemp yarns that are dense and tight. They are very durable because hemps have high elasticity and great tensile strength. In terms of warmth and water-absorbency qualities, hemp yoga mats are also considered better than their cotton counterpart.

Jute Mats

The world is going green and yoga practitioners are traveling in the same direction. You can jump on the bandwagon by choosing a jute mat for your yoga exercises. It is considered one of the most eco-friendly types by numerous Yoga mat reviews because it is made from a natural material. Jute fibers, most commonly found in South East Asia, are biodegradable materials. A jute mat is perfect for all kinds of Yoga routines because of its natural breathing quality. It parallels other yoga mats with synthetic material in durability and stickiness.

Travel Yoga Mat

When you travel longer than 3 days, you will need to pack up your yoga mat towel and travel mat so you can still exercise at any convenient place such as a hotel room or a resort park. As a convenient travel exercise material, the travel yoga mat is relatively thinner than its conventional counterparts. They are non-slip which will make it convenient for you to perform yoga poses. They also fold and roll up easily so you can store them directly in your luggage. There are also amazing yoga mats with their very own bag. You can look for a cool yoga mat bag design so you can travel fit and in style. However, bear in mind that travel yoga mats should only be utilized for traveling and not for daily use because of the thinness of the material. This type of mat is perfect for the constant traveler.

The advent of new materials and fabrication processes make yoga mat designs more efficient and durable. Nowadays we have a wide selection of yoga mats for your health and lifestyle needs. Just select the perfect yoga mat that will answer your key considerations, namely the purpose, efficiency and durability of this essential yoga material.

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