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Try This Self-Love Salutation (VIDEO)

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Self-Love is not always easy.

As humans, we experience many things in our lives that add layer upon layer on top of our true self, soul, and spirit. Because of this, we can lose track of the connection to our heart.

We can start to feel like we are moving from a place of judgement, harshness, and fear. The true sweetness is in the acceptance, suppleness, and power of love.

If we can dedicate our energy to a practice that is kind, compassionate, and accepting of ourselves, we then can find ourselves living with these qualities off of our mat and sharing them with others.

Yoga as a Practice

I just love this concept within the yoga tradition. We don’t DO yoga, because it can never really be DONE. There is always more. Practice means every day is different, but so long as we do our best from day to day we are on the right path.  

This is true for self-love as well. We have to keep space available to check-in and come back to loving ourselves when we stray. It starts with us.

Let Your Heart Fly

So this is my lead-flow created to inspire you to love yourself, get in touch with the power of your love, and send it out to those who need it — anywhere and everywhere. This is in the style of a Sun Salutation, so it is designed to really keep you moving with a great deal of focus on the movement-breath connection. Enjoy!

May your heart take wing and fly in peace…Namaste.

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