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Top 5 Ways Yoga Teacher Training Will Change Your Life

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Registering for yoga teacher training is a huge decision that will likely change your life in many ways. As you go through training, you’ll experience incredible changes in your body and your life. Here are my top five ways teacher training can change your life:

1. You start to realize there are habits and stressors in your life that don’t serve your best interests.

Things that cause unnecessary drama may start to feel heavy and exhausting. Teacher training is a very empowering process. You’ll start to prioritize your time and energy and understand that it is ok to let go of some of these things. Saying no to drama is saying yes to your mental and emotional well being.

2. You’ll start to notice things about your body you never noticed before.

Even better, you’ll experience a new appreciation and acceptance of your body and what it can do. Yoga helps us connect with our strengths and to recognize our limitations. Teacher training helps you see the power and ability you truly have. It also helps you to learn not just to respect limitations but to use them as a tool to increase your knowledge about working with and helping others.

3. You will form lasting friendships with like-minded people.

You will spend a great deal of time with your fellow teacher trainees. Shared experiences that are deep and personal will bond you. A shared interest in yoga and similar career paths will help you to maintain these friendships even once graduation has passed. These friends are people you can turn to for support and who will cheer you on as you build your new career.

4. You will become much more present to your life and the people in it.

Training will teach you about the practices of yoga that draw people into the here and now. You will find these techniques will carry over to your daily life. As a teacher you will understand about breathing through challenges and how to tune out distractions and tune into the moment.

5. You will step into a career that allows you to have a positive impact on people’s lives.

Think about how you feel about your favorite yoga teacher and then think how amazing it would be to play that role in someone’s life. Helping people get more connected, find physical relief and be happier is the most rewarding job I can imagine. Going to work hasn’t felt like “work” since I became a yoga teacher.

How did yoga teacher training change YOUR life?

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