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Tips For Packing The Perfect Yoga Bag

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We’ve all had those days. You know the ones – when you show up to the yoga studio and realize your payment punch card has gone missing

Then you slip into bathroom, the all prepped to change from work-wear to work-out-wear, and you realize you have neglected to pack an absolutely essentially clothing item. So there you are standing awkwardly without a sports bra/leggings/t-shirt, debating options. You rationalize that the blouse you wore to work this morning would stand up to sweat just fine, so you walk into class wearing a starchy white blouse which off-set your stretchy black yoga leggings.

Then digging through your bag you realize you’re going to go thirsty today, because your water bottle is nowhere to be found.

While it may seem basic, packing the perfect yoga bag can really enhance your on mat experience. Here are some essentials items to include:

1. A Full Outfit

While the number of clothing items differs based on personal preference, class type, and season, ensuring that you have a supportive bra, comfortable leggings or shorts, and a top layer of some sort has you pretty well covered.

2. Hydration

Staying hydrated enhances your concentration and physical performance. Make sure to pack water, a sports drink, coconut water or beverage of your choice to keep you from getting parched.

3. Personal Props

While many classes offer props, if there is something in particular that you find helpful in your home practice – such as a block, blanket, or even an eye mask for savasana – don’t forget to toss it in your bag.

4. Payment Method

Cash. Check. Credit Card. Punch Card. While your yoga instructor may love your class, she probably doesn’t want to make a habit of teaching for free.

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