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Tips for Yoga Teachers: How to Respect Your Energetic Boundaries

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Having energetic boundaries is essential for any wellness provider, and especially so for those who work with individuals one-on-one.

It can take time and finesse to know (and then acknowledge and act) when clients are depleting or draining, to understand your energetic limitations and desires, and to implement different techniques that preserve and protect your energy.

Generally speaking, you need to begin to assess what you can really give and how you can refill yourself back up after you’ve been teaching. Energetic output and needs are really personal, but you can begin to uncover your sweet spot by leaning into your cycles and triggers.

Know Your Clients

Working with clients who aren’t a perfect fit can be taxing. Interactions and experience will indicate to you that different people could require more from you energetically and perhaps not be a good match. Knowing warning signs that someone may not be a keen fit is key, as is understanding the triggers and having clear energetic boundaries to deal with such situation (we all do eventually).

Another common energetic drain is teaching beyond your maximum private client capacity. As you begin to fill your private client docket, start to really assess what is working with your client load and what you need to do in order to get more energy from other aspects of your teaching, business, and life.

Take Time Off

Finding your flow is key to feeling filled up. Having off days from seeing clients allows you to dive into the business side of your teaching practice.

On a client level, it also provides room for you to support your clients on different levels, to provide them information, to complete client notes, and to focus in on administrative duties that all private yoga teachers have.

Notice as you’re teaching what your cycles are like and how you need to preserve your energetic integrity and how you need to create boundaries around that that you need to enforce on your own but also boundaries you can have with clients.

Tips to Know Your Energetic Boundaries

  • Buffer in time to evaluate your energetic needs and zones of genius. Take note when you feel off, taxed, or depleted and get familiar with the warning signs that indicate burn-out is imminent.
  • Have deep self-care practices that range from moving your body, to strengthening your mind, to connecting with self through removal from work, technology, and others.
  • When working individually with your clients, keep some of your focus inward so you can be in tune with your ebb and flow of energy, boundaries, and elements that may be taxing or draining.
  • Become familiar with your edges and learn them well, so you can strengthen them instead of constantly pushing past them with consequence.
  • Continue to refine your work so you’re regularly working with perfect-fit clients instead of individuals who wear you down, chronically abuse your boundaries and energy, or that you need to sever ties with due to the make-up of the relationship.
  • Batch like activities and offerings with similar ones and minimize transitions by scheduling your clients together and preserving non-teaching work for different time frames and days. Continue to refine your ideal schedule with these components in mind.

How are you currently tapped into your energetic needs? In what ways do you need to be more in tune to your energetic input and output so you feel your personal best and can provide to your clients? Share with us below!

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