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Tips for Teachers: 3 VIP Packages Your Yoga Students Will Love

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This is a question that I get asked a lot: as a yoga teacher, can I add premium offers to my business?

I bet you think that offering a VIP package is impossible in the yoga industry. I beg to differ, and I am here to prove you the contrary.

Regardless of your specialization or teaching level, you CAN craft premium offers that will suit you (and of course, your ideal students).

Why Offer Premium Packages

If you think you can only stretch your teaching to private yoga classes, think again. Premium offers don’t have to be exclusively one-on-one work.

Offering premium programs allows you to be more creative in your online and offline branding, and enables you to target groups of students that are totally different from your usual class attendees. These are three ideas on how to spice it up and give private classes and workshops a premium edge.

1. High-End Workshops

I am not talking about two hours spent upside-down. I am talking about anything from a certification program (perfect for a specific style you may have created), a membership scheme, or even a series of workshops in a corporate setting.

This is great if you are looking to take your workshops to the next level and create a more comprehensive offering, especially if you thrive when it comes to facilitating groups and communities. This option is great when looking to create group accountability among everything.

2. Intensives Workshops

This is a full immersion offer that stands in between a full retreat and a workshop. It’s much more manageable and it allows you to nurture relationships with high-end clients over a short period of time by creating an all-inclusive experience.

This can be something to the extent of an urban retreat, running the whole day and allowing people to go back home overnight. This option will allow students to have exclusive access to your expertise and immersion in the topic, emphasizing fast results.

3. Private Yoga Transformation Program

This is a done-for-you, customized journey that will focus on a specific goal your client may have. You can offer three to four options, such as ‘Headstands’, ‘Weight Loss’, ‘Yoga for Basketball Players,’ or ‘Meditation for Fertility,’ and build them as specific one to three-month packages.

This is a perfect option if you love to work closely with clients over a long period of time, and it’s much more fulfilling as it includes an entire journey with specific outcomes and involves pre-work and programs you can reuse, improve, and repackage as needed over time.

When you provide students with an opportunity to work with you in a more in-depth way, you’re better able to offer a more comprehensive solution to their condition, support their transformation, achieve greater results, and in turn gain more exposure for yourself as teacher.

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