Your Chill Out Playlist to Help You Unwind and Relax

Having one of those days where you feel like there’s so much chaos and chatter in your head? Let us help you tap into that “f*ck everything, just breathe” energy, and listen to our chill out playlist.

Listen to the playlist on YouTube and add it to your library on Spotify.

These songs will calm you down, but have enough bop beats so they won’t put you to sleep. Our playlist features a mix of ambient, lo-fi sounds, “chillhop” tunes (as the kids call it), soothing indie songs, and smooth RnB, to let your mind tune out and let the music take over.

It’s a great mix of songs to play in the background while you drive, as you get home and pour yourself a glass of wine, or even as you lie in bed with eyes closed so you can relax and shake off the day’s stresses.

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