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The Yogi Entrepreneur: 7 Yoga Lessons for Small Business Owners

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It is a hot debate in the yoga world if yoga and business can align. The focus is often on which yogic principles are sacrificed to make a yoga business work, instead of acknowledging how yoga positively impacts a successful entrepreneur.

So to counter this negativity, let’s look at the ways yoga can actually help the yogi entrepreneur with lessons that small business owners will benefit from. Here are 7 ways yoga helps in business:

1. Confidence to Start

Yoga teaches compassion to self. Starting a new endeavor can stir up fear, including a fear of failing or fear of not being good enough. A deep-rooted and powerful yoga practice helps yogis feel confident to start anything.

Moreover, yoga invites trying and exploring new opportunities.

2. Focus on the Personal Journey

A hard part of business is creating a unique and genuine business model that highlights the individual voice. Luckily, with practice, yoga helps the inner voice grow stronger.

Additionally, yoga makes it easier for a yogi entrepreneur to focus on the personal journey rather than feed the ego’s pressure to compete.

3. Ability to Collaborate

While fostering the inner voice cultivates a genuine and personal business, yoga also teaches that everyone is connected. Yoga shifts focus away from competition and invites collaboration for a successful business.

4. Forever a Student

Even after selling out world yoga tours or writing a bestseller, yogis know that they are forever students. Yoga nurtures the discipline to learn and play, and trains the individual to persevere and be patient — all of which are key in successful business.

5. Increases Creativity for Innovation

For any business, the ability to be adaptable and innovative take the business from surviving to thriving. Yoga practice is linked to increased creativity.

Mindfulness training in yoga refocuses the mind, body, and soul by setting intentions and manifestations. This refocusing is helpful for any entrepreneur for a morning checklist, midday check-in, and evening recap.

6. Reduces Stress Levels and Burnout

Pranayama practice reduces the signs and symptoms of anxiety and depression, as well as helps avoid burnout from stress.

Breathing unlocks the normally unconscious automatic nervous system. Slowing down and stretching the breath activates the rest-and-digest response and has been linked with regulating the body’s cortisol levels (a.k.a. stress hormone).

7. Prioritizes Balance

Not only are balancing yoga poses fun and challenging, they are also a big part of a well-rounded asana practice. Yoga prioritizes balance on and off the mat. Yoga trains perseverance as well as the importance of time for the self.

Yoga helps entrepreneurs recognize there is more to life than work and that sometimes, slowing down and hitting pause increases overall productivity.

Looking at the yogic lifestyle as a compliment to a successful business is likely to help a business thrive and help the individual avoid getting burnt out!

Are you a yoga-loving business owner? Feel free to comment below other ways that yoga and business work together and what yoga has taught you about business.

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